my life by morgan hyuuga


1. My Life!!

Hi my name is Morgan Hyuuga. I'm 18 years old, I live in Tokyo with my two sister named Lime Heyashi and Tari Heyashi. If you are worried about our different last name is because I picked our mother’s last name and my sister's picked our father's last name. Our mother name is Chi Hyuuga, and our father name is Yukio Heyashi. We all go to Honey High. My mother was killed in a hit and run.  After our mother death my older sister move to New York and now we don’t talk. At school I meet my two best emo friend's name Mishima Nishi, and Ren Mori. My sister Tari best friend is Binki Shinji. Binki has a big crush on me, but I have a crush on Rian Uzmaki. Rian Uzmaki is the cool, hot new boy in school. Rian came from Nikgdgko with his mother, who is name Lylia Uzmaki. Wait I was saying that he was hot, but he will never fall for me so I don't need to talk about him hahahaha any way let me get back to the  story . My father is a cop but he is never home because he is trying to find the car that kill mother. I don’t know what happen when I was 4 year's old. I was with my mother in the car on our way to my new school, but we never made it to the school. When I come to I was in the hospital. My father was crying is eyes out because I ask where mother was. He told me it was best that I don't know, and that was the same day my older sister moved to New York, but I’m ok now. Rian is in all my class, and OMG I want to tell him that I like him, but I’m too shy to say anything to him. Rian Uzmaki is strong, brave, adorable, and so sweet, and that is why I like him because he is everything I’m not. I was not looking where I was going and run into Rian, I fall drown on my butt and when Rian was help me up, I was so embarrassed that I run a way. Mishima saw me running away and told me that she saw my dad at school. WIAT WHAT MY DAD??

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