do you want me or just my body

"luke do you want me or my body, your choice," "i want you to be my baby girl and i want you to obey me or else" luke said

luke and crystal have a confused relationship, crystal loves luke but, she doesn't know if he loves her the same way


11. nightmares

crystal's p.o.v.

crystal's nightmare: "go away luke, stop following me" "i cant do that crystal, i own you and you belong to me" I was running as fast as i can until i ran into jake. he didn't help at all and i saw a shadow, i look up and saw luke. was jake working for luke or something? they tied me up and tape my mouth and threw me into a van. it felt like we were driving for miles until we stop. the doors open and luke carry me, to my surroundings i saw grave stones and i could see a spooky mansion further away. after we went in, luke and i were walking down some stairs and from what i saw was a door with blood stains on it. "i'm not going in their" luke threw me into this dungeon and locked me up. for days i had little food scrapes and little sips of water, why are they doing this to me, what did i do wrong. that's all i can think about is why.

*end of nightmare*

aaahhhh. i was screaming at the top of my lungs until the door swung open and their stood luke, himself. he tried to hug me but i pulled away. he didn't understand why i did this. luke gave up to comfort me and he walked out of my room and close the door. that night i couldn't sleep, i couldn't do anything except for imaging that nightmare, that was awful. soon, it was morning and i had school today. i tried to move but, i couldn't. just viewing my nightmare will scared me for life. luke open the door and he saw me that i didn't sleep the whole night. he pick me up and i scream as loud as i can, he put me down and looked into my eyes. from what i can see in my own eyes was hatred, anger, and disappointment. i know he can see all that too. he pick me up again and once again i screamed, this time he didn't give a damn. he sat me on his bed and he slap me in the face. i stop, tears streaming down my cheeks. i finally realized the visions stop and i hug luke and cried into his chest. "crystal, why are you acting this way, i was kinda scared at the moment" i just kept crying into his chest and he sooth me by stroking my hair and kissing my forehead. i look up at him and kiss him harshly. he did the same as well and soon we were naked, i just want to forget about that nightmare i had. suddenly luke had to ask me what happen last night. "did you had a bad dream or something, please tell me". " yes" " tell me, i want to know" "can we just talk about this some other time, please" "ok" once again we were making out and one thing lend to the next.

luke's p.o.v.

it was the afternoon and crystal was sleeping in my bed. i still couldn't understand why she's acting so weird today lately, i think it's the dream she had maybe a nightmare. i dunno i'm going to ask her again later and i will know why. moments later, while i was cooking dinner crystal snake her arms around my torso and kiss my shoulders. crystal and i blasted some music while cooking and sang along to some songs. later that night, i finally have to ask crystal why she was being so weird. i open the door and she was reading a book, she was so cute. i sat on the end of her bed and asked her the question i was going to ask. "hey crystal, tell me about that dream u had" "you don't want to know, it about you and it was a nightmare not a dream" "oh, well can you tell me." she told me everything and for myself i was shocked of what i did in her nightmare, i will never do that not to anyone especially crystal. she's too important and wonderful for anyone who can do that. i comfort her a little until she fell asleep. i lay her down gently and i tiptoe out of her room and close the door quietly.

crystal's nightmare: "aaahhh, let me go, please" "how about no" why was luke and jake doing this to me i just want to know. "why are you doing this to me, please i want to know why" "you don't get it don't you, you're a liar, a slut and a fucking worthless bitch" form luke's words hurt me inside and tears started pouring through my eyes. "shut the fuck up bitch" jake threw me on his back and took me into this room, from what i saw was belts hanging from the wall and whips. it terrified me of what they are going to do. luke tied me up to the wall and jake was whipping my back, it hurt like hell. few hours later, they stop and luke pulled on my hair and he lend me to this room. once again he tied my up on his bed i believe and rip all of my clothes off. i couldn't do anything one because i was tied up and two i was weak, their was no energy left in me. they were raping me, i was screaming and trying to break free. moments later i couldn't breath, luke was choking me with a rope, and i was still tied up. jake just stood behind luke laughing at me. luke push harder down my throat with the rope, i relized my life was over and i was about to die by luke, my luke that i had loved. i guess true loved wasn't meant to be true, at least not for me. my visions were getting blurry and everything went black. this was the end, goodbye world.

*end of nightmare*

i woke up and i cried my eyes out. once again i couldn't sleep, now the two nightmares i had was in my view and i can't get it out of my head. few days passed, i didn't sleep, eat, or go to school. i couldn't move a muscle, luke tried his best to comfort me and everything but, i pushed him away and i locked my door. i was still imaging those horrible nightmares. today i heared some conversations in the living room. i unlock my door and crept out of my room to the living room. their stood luke and rachel. i was rachel here, i don't want her here i just want to be left alone. in the corner of luke's eyes he saw me and turn towards me, i walked backwards hitting the wall. rachel was confused and didn't know what was happening. luke told her everything and she was shocked herself and she knows if she was in this situation, she'll be alone in her room like me. "we can help you crystal, i'm your best friend and i know this is a shock to you and you know luke will never do that to you. hell, if he did i will shoot him" from what she said i kind of smile and it was funny as well, she would do that. "there's that smile, we been hoping for" i hugged luke and rachel hugged me too. "omg crystal, you smell" i laughed and went into my bathroom to wash up. i'm wearing skinny blue jeans, pink long sleeve shirt and i have my hair in a ponytail. "much better" luke kissed me and i kissed him back. "where's rachel" "oh, her mom called her and she has to be somewhere important" "oh, ok." luke and i were watching a comedy movie and i was laughing way to hard that i fell on the floor. luke was laughing at me and he too fell from the couch. luke was tickling me and soon we were making out. "no more nightmares for you, and you know how much i love you, i will never ever do such horrible things to you" "yes i know and i love you too" from then on, everything was where i wanted and now i was sleeping in luke's room for now on.

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