Hey, there Delilah

Hey, there Delilah is about a girl who knows what she wants out of life but it all changes when she finds out the supernatural exist. She discovers that the exchange student from America, that she has been friends with since the beginning of high school is a vampire. Though she falls for him, she can't be with him because he's a vampire. Confused, and scared once getting caught up in the supernatural world. Who can she trust? How will she survive now that the supernatural knows about her?


4. Mystic Falls

When I go home it was research time. Dad gave me my mother's grimoire last night. I found a note left by my mother:


Dear Delilah, 

This is the Dryads Grimoire. If you are reading this, it means you need to enlist in the help of a witch. You need to be able to read this and be able to control your powers unless this is for your child. You must choose wisely. 




Maybe there might just be the spell I'm looking for in here, but first I need to ask the Bennett witch in Mystic falls if she could help. It was a day trip away from Daxon but I should get there as soon as possible.

As soon as I got up in the morning I started packing my bag. I left dad a note explaining where I was going and not to worry since I was going to be gone for a few days. I texted Vic to come and pick me up, the plan was to drop me off outside Mystic Falls and hopefully find the witch and not get kicked out in the process.

It was late evening when we arrived. "I'll see you in a day or so." I pecked his cheek and proceeded climbing out of the car.

He pulled me in before I had the chance to get out and gave me a longing kiss. "I wish I could come with you." 

"Me too."

"I love you, Delilah." He breathed.

"I love you, too." I jumped out of the car before he had another chance to slow me down from getting there, otherwise it would be dark before I even managed to get into town.

It took me a while to get into town and when I got there no one was there. It was a ghost town. I started to walk into the shops to see if I could find anything. I didn't have much luck with the shops but I found a police station. It was odd as it was the only building that didn't look abandoned. It wasn't locked so I decided that I might find something that could give me a clue of where someone is.

The lights were on in one of the offices. The label on the door said 'Sheriff Donovan'. No one was there and the door was open so I decided if I was going to find anything useful this would be the place to find it. I started to look through the filing cabinets for anything, but a lot of them were locked.

"Tell me why you are here before I put a bullet through you." A man said behind me.

I turned around to see a man in police uniform. I took a step back scared of getting myself killed or maybe not. I don't know how far my immortality stretches. I started to shake with fear and I couldn't keep my eyes off the barrel of the gun facing me.

"I came here to find s-someone that could help m-me." I stuttered.

"Who?" He commanded.

"A Bennett? I heard that they lived here." My eyes' widened with fear as he raised the gun. "C-can you put the gun down know, please?" I asked bravely.

"Okay," He seemed to realize something. "I'm Sheriff Donovan." He put his gun on one of the chairs then extended his hand.

"Delilah Mason." I shook his hand.

"That's a nice name."

"It is. So um, can you help me?"  His eyes went glassy which was strange.

"She doesn't live right in town, but I can drive you to her."

"Thanks I would like that considering that I walked here." He didn't question it and took me to the Bennett witches house. He kept looking at me as he drove. It made me uncomfortable, but then I realized that it wasn't him. It was me. When put me in such a stressful situation the nymph magic in me rose to the surface and compelled him to listen to what I said. It also has made him lust for me. It's not anything new to me but it is scary that I forced him too.

A woman came outside to meet us when she saw us pull in. The dark skinned, short hair and brown eyed woman didn't look happy that I was with the sheriff.

"What is she doing here Matt?" The woman asked. "I thought you just chased of teenagers that wanted to see the ghost town of Mystic Falls."

"Bonnie she came here looking for you. She said that she needs your help for something." There was that glazed look in his eyes again. This talk may not go well if she notices.

"Can we speak about it in private?" She looked sceptical but went with it anyway but exchanged a look with the Sheriff. She took me inside her home.

"My mum disappeared when I was seven so she can't teach me magic. You were the only witch I could find close enough to travel to within a day. I don't know how to say the rest but I really hope I can trust you. Well first off that you will help me." I started to babble, since I was so nervous that she wouldn't help me.

"You can trust me. Sorry but I didn't catch your name." Bonnie replied.

"Delilah Mason." I stated.

"I'm Bonnie Bennett."

"Can you keep a secret even from your friends and family?" I held my breath.

"Okay, what is it?" I could see the curiosity written all over her face.

"I'm a Dryad, not a witch and you can't tell anyone." She gave me a blank look. "It's the name for a woodland nymph in the old Greek legends." I filled in for her.

Bonnie nodded. "I won't tell anyone. So what do you want to start with tomorrow?"

"How to read a Grimoire and how to control my magic?"

"Okay, do you have one?" She asked.

"Yeah, my mum left one for me. Can I stay here tonight? I don't have anywhere else to go and I would rather not be staying at the Sheriff's place." I asked.

"You can stay here. Why wouldn't want to stay at his place?" Bonnie wondered.

"It's a nymph thing. I noticed it on the way here too. I would rather not have him hitting on all the time and I wouldn't trust him because of the nymph attraction." I explained.

"I did notice that he was acting a bit out of character when he got here. I'll show you to your room."

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