Star Trek Defiance: Runabout

As the crew of the Runabout continue on their journey, Michael and the others come under attack by Scorpio. Can Michael and his crew escape or will they end up being destroyed or worse?


6. 6

In the Runabout’s bridge Goku is looking at his scanner and saw the Scorpion rapidly approaching.  He said worriedly, “He’s about to catch up!” Michael said, “Lets see if that ship can fly around a dead planet.” The Runabout flew towards a dark brown, half blown apart planet with a ring around it and the Runabout flew around the first rock and the stinger sashed it and just missed them as the Scorpion stopped just outside the planetoid debris.  Michael laughed and said, “That’s right big boy!  You’re too big to fit!  What are you going to do now?” And he threw his hands up to his sides and beckoned him to come to Michael while Goku and Minos gawked at him while Chloe shook her head as she smiled.  


    Scorpio looked at the debris field in front of him with the Runabout inside and Scorpio said, “If he thinks he is safe within the dead planet’s debris field he is wrong.  Fire main weapons.” Then the limbs of the Scorpion pointed towards the debris field and fired white bolts of light as multiple space rocks were targeted and blown apart while the Scorpion continued forward.  


    Michael and the others witness the Scorpion firing on the space rocks between them and blew them apart as the Scorpion began to move closer and closer while clearing a path.  Michael made a depressing sigh as Minos and Goku looked on with worry and Michael said, “Damn.” He grabbed the joysticks and the Runabout turned about and headed deeper into the planet’s debris field at full speed while maneuvering around the rocks as the Scorpion tried to spear the Runabout with its stinger.  The Runabout flew right and the stinger zipped right past to their left and smashed through a large rock then it whipped towards them, but Michael shoved the joysticks down as the Runabout made a sharp descent and the stinger flew right over them.  Michael said, “Arsenal, make us disappear!” Arsenal the pushed a button and four capsule shaped objects ejected from beneath the Runabout and exploded creating a large gas cloud that covered the space between the Runabout and the Scorpion obscuring the Scorpion’s vision.  Chloe said, “I can’t see him!” Michael said, “Then that means he can’t see us either.” He then pressed a button on his right that indicated the starboard nacelle and it turned off and the Runabout made a sharp turn to starboard as the ship quickly approached the largest asteroid in the field and they all saw the surface rapidly approaching and Chloe yelled, “MICHAEL!” And just as the surface was about to reach the bottom of the ship Michael hit the same button and the starboard nacelle turned on and the ship slowed down just before it slammed onto the surface.  


    Goku, Minos and Chloe breathed hard and rapid as Michael pressed various buttons and the main lights and other power systems turned off leaving only the console lights still active.  They all sat in silence as they saw the Scorpion appearing from the smoke cover and continued to fire on the asteroids in its path.  The Runabout shook from the shockwaves of the explosions as they Goku, Minos and Chloe remained quiet till the Scorpion flew past them.  Minos said, “So we’re going to sit here till he’s gone?” Michael replied, “I doubt it’s going to be that easy.” He pressed a couple of buttons and the Runabout powered up and it lifted off the surface as the bottom hull squeaked and groaned from its landing and moved back into the debris field as it moved slowly from one asteroid to another as if the ship is playing hide and seek.  Michael and the others looked at their monitors and at the main viewer and could not see the Scorpion as both Michael, Goku and Minos looked alert and Chloe said in a depressing tone, “Great, now we lost track of a machine that so desperately wants to kill us.” Michael said, “Keep an eye on both the scanners and your monitors.  He’s hiding somewhere.” The Runabout moved slowly around through the debris for the next few moments that seemed like hours and Goku said, “Maybe he’s gone.” Michael smirked as he shook his head, looked at Goku and said, “Goku, I...” Then a bright white light appeared from behind and the proximity alarm went off.  Before the others could say anything Michael shoved both joysticks forward and to the left as the Runabout dived and made a hard turn to port when there was a large explosion where they were and the ship violently shook.  Arsenal immediately pressed multiple buttons and various phaser and torpedo fire fired from the weapons pod towards the source of the light and one of the Scorpion’s limbs exploded while the bottom of the ship is repeatedly hit.  The stinger from the Scorpion swung and smashed through a large rock in front of the Runabout and Michael pulled back the joysticks and the Runabout flew up and just dodged the stinger as it snapped back and the Runabout made radical turns to avoid the flying rocks hurtling towards them.  Arsenal immediately slammed his fist on a button on the console (causing the console to crack) and a single torpedo fired and flew straight at the stinger and struck the bottom causing it to explode and the stinger blew off the Scorpion and swung lazily in space as sparks spewed where the stinger was connected.  


    The bridge of the Scorpion shook violently as one of the control stations monitors exploded, sending sparks and glass into the air as Scorpio held on till the shaking quickly subsided.  A male robotic voice said, “Stinger destroyed.” Scorpio yelled, “Follow them!” The voice replied, “By your order.” He watched as the Runabout continued to make evasive maneuvers around the asteroids making the targeting lock on Scorpio’s monitors for the weapons limbs to follow behind and unable to target the Runabout.  Scorpio said, “Fire Quake torpedoes!” The Scorpion fired a blue ball of energy from one of its limbs and sped towards the Runabout till it struck one of the rocks and exploded.  Soon as it exploded the asteroids began either flying into each other or in various other directions as the Runabout had a hard time remaining on its course as it shook.


    Inside the Runabout the whole ship shook as there were noises of objects that are loose clattered or crashed onto the deck in the back of the ship or in their rooms as Michael and the others held onto their stations.  Chloe yelled, “Michael get us out of here!” The Runabout suddenly lurched downwards as their was a loud bang sound as the ship struck the top of a large flat rock before another rock struck its right side.  Michael held onto the joysticks tightly as he pressed a button on both joysticks and pushed them forward and the ship flew at full impulse and exited the asteroid field and sped towards the surface of the dead planet with the Scorpion following behind.

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