Cunning Love

This story is about a cunning fox man who has a contract with the wright family.To be married with the female in their family.while a war is awaken called the upheavel.he needs her to save hes territory in the bayling realm.will ellexa be okay with this.....


2. Liex the fox

~~ head hurts.Ah it was just a dream.Hey! follow me.Who is this women? let's go hurry up I don't have all day.She's mean.I notice she's wearing a nurse outfit.What a rude nurse.Out of no where she grabs my hand tightly.Hey! let go I screamed "mad".Maybe this is a bad hospital or something I thought.I had a really bad feeling about this so I ran away from her hands.Running away from someone again how pitiful of me.Noticing that this is a very big house and not a hospital, and also with so many doors."Gish" anyone can get lost here.I wonder who lives here?.Walking down saw a bunch of guards down the big hallway.Caught by them.I stop and think,finally I get to use my fighting skills.Thank god for the fighting lessons they were not a waste of my time.Getting ready to fight,I smirk at those rat guards .Beating them up one by one slowly and painfully and loving it hahaha.Oh I stop and see a door with a bright light.I think thats the way out.I go through the door.And I see a dog man.But then I think wait so what happen yeasterday wasn't a dream.The dog man is real.and I almost killed myself crap.Oh but I am okay "touching myself"okay everything is in its place.But this time I can actually see his face.He's so handsome eyes emerald green,skin so pale and white.And beautiful long silver hair.Awww man what am I doing?"hitting my head".falling for hes beauty and drooling not good.Crap I forgot he was in front of me.Am so embrassed.I think am blushing,I feel a little hot.I see he smiled at me.But it was a devious smile.Hello my bride he said to me.EHHHHHH! WHAT! You dog man psyco what did you just say right now.Did I hear right??? Am sorry I can't believe this I object.Look you Idiot I am not a dog.But a silver fox he said.First of I don't care if your a dog  or a fox.your still not human,And I will never marry you I said.Your a handful and a annoying human he said.What do you want to meet my fist? I can't believe I fell for he's beauty.Anyways I beat up your guards.And I think it would be easy to beat you up too.You shouldn't of said that you lifeless human.WHAT! that does it i've had enough of this stupid dog.Hold it! pushing and pressing her hands on me and the dog.Hey rude nurse when did you get here I said.My name is not rude nurse,My name is cyerra James Lee.And this here is Liex the fox the master of the house and are territory boss.I know he's a dog.So does your master have a last name? I asked.I said is Liex and that's all said cyerra.HaHaHa you don't have a last name.How about Liex Dog.That's funny.Anyways Cyerra could you check if I have the right girl.Yes master Cyerra said.Out of nowhere she popped a third eye on her forhead.And I thought she was human.She's just like him.kinda of ewww weird and cool.Just in case in the bangling realm I am called Thirdaseea and I can see the future said cyerra.Is your name Ellexa Martin Wright? she asked.Yes why?.There you go she's the right bride.May I leave now? she asked to liex.Yes you may go on yor way now said liex.While I see her leave,I remembered she did not answer my question why?,Oh well.Noticing Liex starring up and down at me.So I have  to marry lifeless here said Liex.Yes! screamed cyerra,from away.How could she hear us looking around.She's physchic,Well human you have alot to learn.But first you forgot to thank me.Anyways let's keep talking in my room said Liex.No are you crazy! no thanks.Then I guess I have to carry you he said.Grabbing me out of nowhere.And again am in his arms tricky fox.Let go of me shaking in his grasp.He smacks my butt.Well here we are he said throwing me on his bed and pushing me down.On top of me.His eyes pirce through me.My heart starting to race fast "Ba Thump Ba Thump Ba Thump"Say sorry to me now he says.No why should I?turning my head on the side.Because I saved your live.The least you can do is thank me.Fine thank you,you happy now!get off of me.No! the only way you can repay me for saving your life,is by staying here and to be married with me.I push him off and stand up.No I don't want to marry right now.I don't even know who you are.But you did save my life.I could alway's accept and plan my escape I thought.Yes I will be your bride.But here are the rules okay.So rule number one don't touch me.Rule number two don't get too close to me.And lastly rule number three we should marry in year, It  would give me more time to know you.If you want to accept me,then accept the rules I said.Yea whatever said liex.Awww man I stayed awake all night to explain the rules to him.I should go to bed.Ugggha" yawn".Ah nice bed.Home at last.Why did she think she's at home ? such an idiot and with a interesting personality.Liex starred at her face all night,then fell asleep.I wonder if I could survive living next to a jerk,sneaky and sleazy stupid fox like Liex.This is What Ellexa is dreaming about.



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