1. Persephone

For half a revolution she spends her days

in caliginous caverns

where worms like silver thread

weave through moistened walls.

Water, endless dripping,

howling, whining, stalagmite fangs.


It began with a stranger,

shrouded with shadows.

Petrichor breath,

and beetle black eyes,

twisted root fingers,

and scattered seeds.


It was lonely at first,

death and loss and

weary wayfarers with tired souls.

An estranged husband,

a trio of rumbling growls,

and the lonesome echo of her own footsteps.


Waiting for a someday,

that will never come,

her titles, a mantra

repeat in her head;

daughter, lover, mother and wife,

stealer of souls and giver of life.


And so when the daffodils bud,

and the world awakens,

when she blinks through sunshine

and steps into the light,

she holds her head high.

She is Queen of the Underworld,

bolder than before,

she will evade their pity,

and transcend them all.


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