//WAREHOUSE 13 FANFICTION\\ Warehouse 13 has been on the brink of ending for years, ever since Benedict Valda attempted to steal the Warehouse and bring forth his twisted Warehouse 14. But the world faces other problems. Cracks are opening up in the ground all over the USA, as if the country is splitting apart. The agents think this is just another snag and bag, but soon they discover the solution may lie deeper inside the Warehouse than any of them ever knew, in amongst the burnt ruins of the first Warehouse 13.


1. Author's Note


This is going to be my legitimate Warehouse 13 fanfiction, one I will hopefully complete. The movella published a few days prior to this, titled Warehouse 13: Archives, serves as a short story collection that will allow me to deviate from the plot of this novel when I get a spontaneous idea without me having to start this again so as to include it.

I hope I will complete this, and a sequel would be possible. I will attempt to write it for those who have not seen the show, as well as those who have. It is based after the series finale 'Endless', and follows on, with Mrs. Frederic still as Warehouse Caretaker.


Cover art by EVAN R.J

This work by SAM H-B

Warehouse 13 created by JANE ESPENSON, BRENT MOTE and JACK KENNY

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