2. Airport

Chapter 2


I slid down my escape ladder, down to the garage where I jumped on my Valkyrie MK 2.0. (It’s a bit like a small boat with a sail).  The MK 2.0 has the ability to fly like the other airships. This ship is also powered by Adamite which; till the recent years has been found to have the ability to float in the air. The makers of the Valkyrie are making a new version where Adamite has been infused into the main body of the ship. As I started up the engine I started to fly out of the garage at immense speeds. The air filled my hair as I started heading towards the main port we liked to call. Port speed. The reason why is because the ship was the first to go back to the home planet of Uzyon 7. Well technically it is just a wasteland now full of ships and space debris. Of course this is true because the planet exploded. The air filled with the buzz of airships flying through the air. This was a normal occurrence for me because I flew this way every morning. Every day, of every week, of every month, of every year. This same job over and over. Then I approached port speed as I started to see its suspended silhouette. My job at port speed was to design new means of travel. For example; I created the first ever nova bomb. The nova bomb is a disintegration bomb where you paint a surface with Furite, stick the bomb to it and it disintegrates instantly. Well it didn’t really work on my Fauthm. (It’s a bit like a cat, with a lot more claws and teeth, but cuter). My Fauthm has a genetic mutation where when it loses its fur it grows back. It didn’t this time.  But still as I began to dock in port speed my ship started too grown. Today I would have to repair my Valkyrie. This was going to be a long day. 

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