The Year For Us

Haley and Saphire move to L.A. for one year of freedom. One year before Haley has to head to college. A year for Saphire to build her music dream. A new puppy isn't the only love entering these best friends lives. Will this be the year the break or make them? Read to find out!


1. Meet the Charaters


Hello readers, We hope you will like this story. The first chapter should be out very soon. Since we are co writing this together each chapter will be told from both of the characters point of views. 


 Saphire Rose point of view written by: AlyssaLeeIrwin


 Haley Perston point of view written by: KayCee K



Meet the Characters


Saphire Rose has loved singing since she was 11 years old and her parents had gotten her a guitar. She can be shy but tries her hardest to come out of her shell.


 Saphire Rose 18


Haley Perston comes from a rich family but she doesn't let that run her life. She's bubbly, smart and lives in the moment. She and her best friend, Saphire, meet at an after school music club in the third grade; they've been hooked together ever since. Haley does everything with Saphire, even when her friend being shy. They both love music but Haley knows that's not her path, she's going to be either a lawyer or doctor, that's what her parents want.
Growing up Haley joined every club she could. She's played soccer, dance class, cook, mathletes, book club, theater; you name it she's probably done it. But when it comes down to spending time with Saphire is Haley's favorite thing.





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