Amazing Grace

Grace Copa, the girl who writes. Bullying at school is a huge problem for her, but she's decided to take a stand and rant every lunch hour. She gains lost of attention, but she doesn't know what to do with it, and now that the most popular guy likes her, she will have to give up literature to be the girl she's always wanted to be: Amazing Grace. Although not "amazing" in the way she imagined...


1. Chapter 1: Lost Pages, Tripped, and Planning Time

     She sat on the edge of the windowsill, legs dangling dangerously over the edge. A soft breeze barely moved her short baby pink hair. She was there, looking to the sunset on the lake next to her house. The waves were music to her ears, the pages of her book ruffling in her hands. A page of her notebook ripped off of the book, flying in the wind. Yet she stayed still. The piece of paper flew all the way to the other side of the lake, until it disappeared fully.

     "Grace Copa." The teacher called her to the front of the classroom to present her short story.
     "Um, hello. My name is, um, Grace. Grace Copa, and my story is called, um..." She looked at her paper, forgetting what it was called. Someone snickered in the classroom. "Kaleidoscopes. So, um, here goes nothing.
     "Red took her last breath and then... Wait a second." She flipped through her story, realising that it was all jumbled up. She luckily wrote down page numbers on the bottom of the papers. Grace looked for page one, but couldn't find it. **Could it be, the page that flew away was the most important page?!**
     "Grace?" The teacher hovered her pencil over the "incomplete" box on her clipboard.
     "I... I can't find the first page, I must have lost it," she said, panicking. The teacher marked a check in the box.
     "Incomplete. Go back to your seat, young lady." Grace walked back to her seat, looking through the pages for the fifth time. She felt something under her foot and then tripped, paper flying everywhere. The whole class laughed. Grace looked up. Joey, the most popular guy in the school was laughing while his leg half out under his desk. She narrowed her eyes and got up. She brushed herself off.
     "You know what? F*CK YOU!" Grace picked up a pen on his desk and threw it at his neck. He dodged it, his face red.
     "Grace!" The teacher pointed out the door. "Go to the principal's office, right now. You too, Joey." They walked out of the classroom, but before they reached the office, Joey trapped Grace against a locker.
     "You get me in trouble again, and I'll beat you up until my first is permanently... What's the word? Molded? No, it's..."
     "Right. My fist will be permanently etched into your face!" He held his fist up to Grace's face and then the principal came out.
     "What in the world is going on here?!" Joey put down his fist and turned around. Grace was bracing herself for the punch, then opened one eye when the impact didn't come. "We need to talk right now."
     They sat down in front of the desk. The principal folder her hands together and looked at Grace and Joey. "What happened?"
     "Well," Grace said, "I was going to present my short story to the class, but I forgot the first page, so I went back to my desk to try to find it, but then I tripped and thought Joey did it. He didn't. I threw a pen at him but I missed, and then he got mad at me and almost punched me." Joey looked at Grace with surprise. "It was my fault, I'm sorry. I made a mistake."
     The principal wrote down some notes. "Joey, is this true?"
     "Uh, yeah! It's true." He looked bewildered.
     "Alright. Grace, detention for five days, including today. You are dismissed."
     Grace stepped back as she looked at her poster on the "Current News" bulletin board.


Being bullied? Want it to stop, but can't speak up? Call me at: *Grace's iPhone number*! We will organise a way to stop bullying once and for all!

     While eating lunch, Grace saw two girls looking at the poster. They nodded, smiling at each other, and took their phones out when they left. A minute later, Grace got a call.
     "This is Grace Copa, you may have heard of me from the poster on the News Board! How may I help you?"
     "I'm being bullied by Joey, you know, the popular one."
     "Me too! Meet me in the gym after school. Our meeting will start at 3:30. See ya there!"
     "Thank you! Sounds great!"
     And Grace got six more calls that day, every one of them said yes. **Now, time to start a rally.**

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