"I am a ghost. No one can see me. I was killed, but my murderer was never caught, and never tried for my death, or the death of my family. No one has been able to see or hear me to help me get justice for my family. Until now."
---- The story of a ghost who is hoping to get justice, a story of a girl who wants to die, a story of them coming together.


1. Ghosted

     My name is Winston.  All I know is that I and my family were murdered, and that my murder was never brought to justice, or else I would already be onto the next life.  I walk the streets alone, I watched the world evolve and grow, I watched everything change, and still I was left behind.  

     Other ghosts of the world walk and wander the streets for one reason or another, most of them old and tired of life, trapped in between life and the next world.  Me?  I'm tired of not getting answers.  I want to be back with my family, but I don't know where they ended up.  Maybe I was the one in the family with the sin, or maybe I'm the one that caused the accident to happen.  All I know is the endless wandering of the in between.  

     I live where I died, though my resting place has had countless buildings, places, and weather wash away any signs of my family or I.  Currently, there is a house atop our old one, and no one has lived there for a long while.  Probably because of the unexplainable 'cold drafts' or the unexplainable 'sounds' that come and go through the house.  It's not me who does those things, and for sure, I can say that there is some other being in the house that was built, though I can neither see or feel it's presence.  

    I stare now out of the second floor bedroom window, that sees out to the front yard of the house.  Such a beautiful sight, and yet so tragic.  A sound made me look down, and there, in the driveway was a family of four, a daughter, son, mother and father.  As each one gets out, they all look to asses the house, though I know none can see me.  The daughter, maybe about 16, looks up at the window I sit in.  She squints as though trying to get a better look.  

     I back away from the window just as I realized; she could see me.

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