The imperfect girl - The poetry Competition

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  • Published: 14 Mar 2016
  • Updated: 14 Mar 2016
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You'd think she was perfect, an art to admire

In reality, a sketch, no true colors, a liar


1. The Imperfect Girl


You know when it hits you, you realize; you're falling 

Like a dagger through the heart, how cliche, but I'm sprawling 

The way a glass drops, I'm shattering, in pieces 

Like a discarded paper where you can never undo the creases 

You know when your breath tightens in your throat; I'm spluttering 

When you've been rehearsing the words but when you see her; you're stuttering 

Tumbling off your tongue in a way you'd dread 

The glimmer of hope, dying with words unsaid 

When I catch her eyes, it's my gaze that's wavering 

The composure, calm, the cool, it's visibly quavering 

You'd think she was perfect, an art to admire 

In reality, a sketch, no true colors, a liar 

You'd think she was special, a beautiful backdrop of devotion 

Let me assure you, another feeble stone, another fish in the ocean

You'd think she was flawless, every detail full of close refinement 

It was every movement that led to my heart's confinement 

You'd think her eyes were exquisite, lined with sophistication 

In reality their glitter laid the deceptive foundation

You'd think her skin was artificial, too smooth, too unreal 

Her personality was just that, it held the same glossy, fake appeal 

But even then she took an unshakable hold on my mind

It's like I'm staring through a tainted glass, to the imperfections I'm blind 





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