It is our choices (One Direction fanfiction}

Abagail Evansforth came from a very rich family. A family that had been housed in ravenclaw for generations, known for their brains and role at the ministry of magic. So when she goes to Hogwarts for her first year she is shocked when she is put in a different house. How will she handle her family and life at Hogwarts with her five best friends, Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, and Louis Tomlinson through the years as the wizarding world slips into war and she starts to fall in love with one of her best friends.


1. Chapter 1 Hogwarts Express 1st Year

 I try to keep up with my mother and father as they pull me towards the train. My mother grasping my hand and my father pushing my luggage. They were bickering with each other about some business matter. They both work for the ministry of magic. We squeezed through mounds of other kids and parents trying to get to the train.


  "Alright love here you are. Make sure to owl us after you have been sorted and make it to your dormitory" My mother says pulling me to her in a hug. I hug back trying to fighting the pressure from there stares. 


  "We shall see you in the winter sweetheart" My father says pulling me to him for a hug as well. He smells of money and smoke so I pull away rather quickly. I always hated the way he smells.


  "Okay Love you" I say to them both and hurry onto the train.


 Once I find me an empty compartment I glance out the window to see my parents walking away bickering again. I try to swallow my anxiety and think of something else but I keep coming back to the same truth. If I don't end up in ravenclaw I will disgrace my entire family. My family has been in ravenclaw for generations. Known for our brains and rank in the ministry. Both my older brother and sister were in ravenclaw and mom and dad had told me when I got my letter how they knew they were both going to be in ravenclaw from an early age. Showing signs when they were very young. And when they said that I became very nervous. I had always been different than them. They had always preferred to be inside reading and though I do love to read their passion was always stronger. While they loved to learn about the ministry I despised it. So many mean, judgmental people all in one place. When my brother and sister left home and got their own homes and started working at the ministry with our parents all the pressure fell on me. I have to follow in the family footsteps or my family's legacy will be ruined. I will have failed everyone.


 I watch as they disappear from sight then reach over opening my yellow cat daisy's cage and she meows happily wandering out and sitting down on the seat next to me. I had gotten her in diagon alley a month ago and she is already my best friend and I love her very much. I climb onto the seat trying to stick my luggage in the compartment above me, when the trains start to move causing me to and I lose my balance. I let out a scream and close my eyes waiting for my body to make impact with the ground in the compartment but instead I felt someones arms around me instead. I open my eyes to see a kid my age looking as shocked as me. He let go of me once I got my footing and I smile back at him in thanks which he returns. He has warm brown eyes and brown hair is a few inches taller than me.


  "Are you okay?" He asks helping me pick up my luggage that fell.


  "Yeah thanks for catching me" I say as he puts up my luggage for me.


  "I'm Liam Payne" He says holding out his hand to me and I shake it.


  "I'm Abagail Evans" I say sitting down and pulling Daisy into my arms.


  "Do you mind if I sit in here with you?" He asks and I shake my head.


 He quickly puts his bags next to mine and sits across from me.


 We talk about our families and what we like to do for fun. He tells me he is a halfblood and that he has two older sisters that are Auror's and that his dad works for the daily prophet. And I told him about my family and that they all work for the ministry. A few minutes later there is a knock on the door and I get up pulling open the door to the compartment to see four guys our age huddled around it with their stuff. One has blue/hazel eyes and brown hair, another has green eyes and curly brown hair, while the other has blue eyes and blonde hair, and the last one is tan with brown eyes.


  "Hey our friend here kept pulling dumb pranks and got us kicked out of the compartment we were in. If you guys have room could we join you?" Asks the blonde boy with a thick irish accent.


  "It's not my fault they don't have a better since of humor" The one with the blue/hazel eyes says with a grin and the other two just roll their eyes at him.


  "Sure we have room come in" I say and move so they can join us.


  "I'm niall" The blonde says from next to Liam.


  "I'm Harry" Says the curly haired one.


  "I'm Louis" says the one with blue/hazel.


  "I'm Zayn" Says the tan one with brown eyes.






 We all sit in silence for a few moments until Niall's stomach starts to growl causing everyone to laugh.


  "Let's go find the trolley" He says.


 He goes with Harry and comes back a few minutes later with a huge pile of candy and we all dig in. Harry talks about his parents telling us that he is a half blood along with zayn and Liam. I am pureblood like Louis. While Niall is muggle born. Though that stuff doesn't really matter that much to us. Harry has an older sister who is in her final year at Hogwarts and his dad plays for a major quidditch player and his mom is a cook at a restaurant in London. Zayn's mom has a shop in diagon alley where you can buy new robes or potions. Louis parents work at the ministry like mine and Nialls parents are writers.


 When the train comes to a stop we head out together. A giant man led us to a bunch of boats and we all climb into the same boat together. We all stare in awe at the castle excited for what's in store for us.



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