My Hero Mikey || M.G.C

She's from a small town in America but when she moves everything changes. She meets the love of her life. But is this for the best? Will she survive her time in Australia?



6. YouTube

The 4 boys went over to their instruments, I watched only to find out that I was completely wrong!

‘Michael played guitar, Luke guitar, Calum was on bass and Ashton played drums and they all sang!!’

*Ashton’s P.O.V*

I sat up at my drum kit. Michael showed Carla where she could sit, turned the camera on as I introduced the video.

“Hello everyone! We are 5 Seconds of Summer and today we are going to sing one of our original songs”

Calum spoke up “Yeah, uh it’s called Unpredictable”

“well here goes” Michael said

I counted us in

“1….2….1 2 3 4”

She sits at home with the lights out

Seeing life in different colours

I think it’s time that we wake up

So let me take you away

We can run down the street

With the stars in our eyes

We can tear down this town

In the dark of the night

Just open the door

We’ve got time on our side

We can make it out alive

Hey we’re taking on the world

I’ll take you where you wanna go

Pick you up if you fall to pieces

Let me be the one to save you

Break the plans we had before

Let’s be unpredictable

Pick you up if you fall to pieces

Let me be the one to save you


So let go!

Till’ we've lost control

And we’ll stumble through it all

Let’s do something new and unpredictable

“Well there you go. That was unpredictable! We hope you liked it” Luke said

“Don’t forget to like subscribe and share this video” Michael said

I ended the video by saying “we are 5 seconds of summer, thankyou”

*Carla’s P.O.V*

“O-MY-GOD!” I shouted “That, you, you guys are amazing!” the boys started giggling, I looked over at Michael he was staring… again

“Michael? MICHAEL! Stop drooling on my arm. Gosh control yourself” Calum yelled wiping spit from his arm.

“W-what? Oh sorry” Michael shyly said blushing

“So you guys have a YouTube channel too? You should subscribe to mine” I said winking “it’s called bookwormia look it up”

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