My Hero Mikey || M.G.C

She's from a small town in America but when she moves everything changes. She meets the love of her life. But is this for the best? Will she survive her time in Australia?



16. Its Perfect

*Carla's P.O.V*

While on the phone to Mikey I found out that he was at Ashton’s house. I picked up a little bag and put my pokéball purse and phone inside, I zipped it up and got changed into a short black dress that puffed out at the bottom and my black converse boots that came up to my mid-calf when fully laced up, they were also an inch high. I did my hair in a messy bun and applied some foundation, mascara, and eyeliner which I did with a flick, finally I added some lip-gloss and headed downstairs and out the door.

I had to walk since my parents were out, as well as both of my brothers and I am too young to drive myself. I stopped at Michael’s house before getting to Ashton’s, thankfully his parents weren’t home and he keeps a spare key under the doormat. I went in and grabbed the nicest clothes that he owns. A white button up shirt and hi black skinny jeans. I left and made my way to Ashton’s.

I barged through the door when I arrived and ran over to Michael. I kissed his lips and handed him the clothes while I whispered “go get changed we are going out” in his ear

Michael immediately ran into the bathroom to get changed.

“So… you look good where you taking him?” Ashton asked smiling at me

“Thankyou, It’s a secret I cant tell you!” I say smirking


*Michaels P.O.V*

After getting changed into the outfit Carla had brought me we left…

“So, are you going to tell me where we are going?”

“Nope” sad replies smirking

“Well how am I supposed to drive us there if I don’t know where to go”

“Ummm…. Errrr. Ok fine ill tell you. It’s a little restaurant down by the beach, I think its called ‘the docks’”

“Oh by the way, I forgot to tell you how cute that dress is! You look gorgeous tonight!”

“Thank you” she says, her cheeks turning a shade of bright red.

I love that I can make her blush like that. All it takes is a few words and there you go she is blushing. I place my hand on her thigh and rub circles, her cheeks change to a deeper shade of red. And there it is again my touch makes her blush. I have never met someone that makes me feel this way, I love her so much it is almost impossible.

We finally arrived at the restaurant, I got out and Carla dragged me to the front door.

“Hi! Table for 2, I made reservations… it should be under Clarkson”

“Oh, here it is… follow me” the British waiter said as she lead us to a table by a window.

“Thankyou very much” I smiled to the waiter

She handed us a menu each as well as cutlery and a glass of water.

A few minutes later she came back and asked us what we wanted to order. I got the chefs choice which included the fish of the day a side of chips and a salad. Carla ordered a simple fish burger that had a side of chips. We both got a glass of coke.


~skip to end of meal~

Carla got up and paid for the meal, which I didn’t want her to do. I love her but I wanted to pay for the meal, it is the gentlemanly thing to do after all… isn’t it?

Anyway, we left the restaurant and made our way back to Carla’s. Her entire family were out for the weekend and we were staying at her house alone.

~2 Hours Later~

Carla and I have been watching movies since we got home, she was snuggled up next to me she is so warm. I pulled her up onto my lap and began kissing her passionately, we parted our lips and it wasn’t long before I felt Carla’s plump lips were pressing back onto mine. I picked her up and carried her to her bed. I plonked her down on her bed hovering over her, I could feel that things were becoming more heated between the two of us.

“Are you sure you want to do this” I asked. She nodded reconnecting her lips to mine. We broke apart again

“If you want to stop at anytime just s-“ I was cut off by her lips pressing against mine once again. She reached up and grabbed my neck intensifying the kiss. I opened my mouth to speak again but was cut off by Carla

“Shhhhh, Yes I am sure I want to do this. This moment is perfect. I love you” she said smiling up at me. I leant forward and kissed her lips once again. I lay down ontop of Carla and start to leave a trail of kisses on her neck until I find her sweet spot. She started to lift my shirt up and over my head. I looked down at her face, she bit her lip and I did the same.


*Carla’s P.O.V*

Michael was so gentle. He sat me up and unzipped my dress, he pulled it over my head and pegged it across the room forcefully. I slammed him down onto the bed and we continued to kiss. He started to kiss my neck again as his hands went to my back and undid my bra he through it to the floor and began kissing my bare chest I ran my fingers through his slightly sweaty hair. I reached down and undid the button and zipper to his black skinny jeans so he was just left in his undies like I was. He continued to kiss down my unclothed body until he reached my underwear. He pulled them down after pulling his own off. I reached over and grabbed a condom out of the box in my drawer.


The night was PERFECT

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