My Hero Mikey || M.G.C

She's from a small town in America but when she moves everything changes. She meets the love of her life. But is this for the best? Will she survive her time in Australia?



20. Heroes

I have block exams this week so I only have to go in on certain days which is good, and as soon as my exams are over we have 2 weeks of school holidays! Thank god!

Despite not wanting to go, I get up and get ready for school. After I eat my WeetBix for brekky I jump into the passenger seat of mum’s car and we drive to school.

~ Skip to Friday ~

Well I have my last test today which is awesome, I’m super relieved! After the test I am meeting everyone at the front gate, we are going to Westfield this afternoon and will have to get Fall on our way there because she isn’t at school.


So I’ve just finished my English test, I get up to leave and see Jake getting up… I get my bag and walk straight out the door without making eye contact with anyone. While walking away I realise I have left my phone in the box at the front of the room.

“Errrggh! Why?” I turn around and go back to the room so I can get my phone.

Ok now I’ve got my phone, I’ve got everything. Nothing can stop me now. I’m on a mission to get out of this hell-hole we call school. I am walking past the bathrooms when I feel someone grab my arm and pull me inside. They press me up against the wall and whisper into my ear

“I told you I ALWAYS get what I want”

I froze, I can’t move, no matter how hard I try I can’t control my body, my voice isn’t working I can’t speak either. What is happening? I feel my chest get heavier when he touches my leg… my breaths become short and fast I am now panicking. What am I going to do? I open my mouth to tell him to stop but no words come out. He begins to kiss me, moving down to my neck. I am now having a full panic attack, the tears are streaming down my face, I am shaking breathing sharp and fast, my heart is beating uncontrollably.

My head is flooded with negative thoughts…

‘He is going to hurt me’

‘What if no one ever finds me?’

‘Michael will not love me anymore’

‘I cheated on him’

‘I will have no friends’

‘My family will disown me’

‘Everyone HATES me’

All of a sudden two people walk into the bathroom.

“DUDE get off her!” the mystery guy says

Jake doesn’t move and continues to kiss me and touch me… the mystery guy pulls jake off me and punches him in the face.

‘Leave Carla ALONE!” he shouts as he pushes Jake to the ground “Come on Carla, lets get you home” the voice says… I am unable to see through my eyes everything is blurry, I am still crying.


I must have fallen asleep because I have no  idea how I ened up here, I am laying on a bed in someones room. I have never seen this room before. I sit up and walk over to the bathroom. I look in the mirror… my hair is a mess, my mascara has run all over my face, my eyes are red and puffy… I look disgusting. I am wearing someone’s T-shirt. I have seen this shirt before… its Luke’s Bon Jovi (Onion) shirt. Then I remember. Luke! He was there, he took me away from Jake… but who was the other guy??

I run out of the bathroom but fail miserably… with a klunk I am now laying on the floor. Michael runs in

“Carla? Carla are you ok? Sweetie?” he says, I just look up at him with tears in my eyes remembering what happened with Jake. If Luke and the other guy hadn’t saved me I could be dead… or worse…

“Babe? Talk to me… P-please” Michael is now crying

“M-m-mikey?” I stutter


“I-I-I….” I stop talking and begin to cry more. It’s not the fall that hurt me it’s what happened today. I slowly crawl over to where Mikey is curled up crying. He needs me now and I need him. I sit beside him and cuddle him. He grips onto me tighter than ever before and we both cry together.


*Michael’s P.O.V*

We have both stopped crying now. We are sitting together cuddling on the floor. How could I let this happen to her? Why wasn’t I there? She would have been safer if I was there…

“Clarky? If Luke and I didn’t find you when we did…” I stop

“That doesn’t matter… you found me and I’m glad you came when you did” she says looking at me through her red puffy eyes.

I lean in and give her the biggest kkiss ever


“Yes” I reply

“have I ever told you… you are MY HERO?” she says smiling as she stands up and offers me a hand.

“No, I don’t think you have… but I like the sounds of it” I say grabbing onto her hand and standing up. Once I’m up I pull her into a big hug and lift her up. I then carry her out into Lukes lounge room.

“Is she ok? Are you ok?” he questions looking worried

I shrug my shoulders “I suppose so… thanks for getting her out of there”

“No problem”

I set Carla down on one of the couches but she immediately gets up and runs to Luke. She embraces him with a massive bear hug which he kindly returns

“thank you so much” she says not letting him out of the hug

“It’s ok… I don’t know what I would have done if anything happened to my best friend” he says smiling at her.


A few minutes later we are all sitting on Luke’s couch not saying a word to each other. Then Luke speaks up

“Um… I called the guys to tell them to cancel this arvo” he paused and looked at us “they said they would all meet here… I hope that’s ok…” he says

Carla and I look at each other and we each said “Yeah that’s fine” 

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