Hidden Inside

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  • Published: 14 Mar 2016
  • Updated: 14 Mar 2016
  • Status: Complete
You see the happy side of me, the "normal" side. The side society expects to see. But you don't see what lies behind my eyes. What lies within. What is hidden inside.


1. Behind my eyes

You see my smile, you see my eyes on the outside

You see my happiness, not my pain inside

You hear my laugh, you see my loud outside

You hear my giggle, not my cry inside

You see my confidence, you see my intelligence outside

You see my attitude, not my stress inside

You see my fit, my clothes outside

You see my appearance, not my quirks inside

You see my functions, my jokes to my friends

You see my laughs, not my wishes inside

You don't see the fear that hides inside

You don't see the fear that hides behind my eyes

You see me get nervous before a performance, you think we all do

You don't see the daily internal struggle, you don't understand

You see my quirks, you don't see my inside struggle

You see my "things" not my OCD

You see my tears, you wonder why I cry

You don't see what lies inside

You don't see what lies behind my eyes, what's hidden inside

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