The Broken Game

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  • Published: 13 Mar 2016
  • Updated: 13 Mar 2016
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1. The Broken Game

The broken game

Never thought I’d be this broken,

Feel like a machine that don't accept no more tokens,

I'm just standing here abandoned without any motive,

Because you’re the only thing that made me feel devoted,

Now people pass by cos I can't meet my purpose,

I’m not who I was when you were by my side: you weren't a surplus,

I didn't try to keep you around for my sole pleasure,

You brought about a side of me that even I would treasure,

But the way you left me alone and hanging,

The glass of the machine that I’ve become is just banging,

Like a prisoner in my own game the irony would be amusing,

If I wasn't so depressed and the tears weren't oozing,

Behind the robotic mask of impassive emotion,

The wheels of steel behind the machine are stuck frozen in motion

I'm lost in a world of inanimation

Watching the people look at me without digintation

My palms are spread against the glass, eyes wild

Remembering all the times when I acted like a fool's child

Consumed by love that was not mutual

I would've kept myself in denial if I knew telling you was futile

I know it’s stupid to be broken over something that never happened

But in my minds eyes nothing could've made our future blackened

Cos I don’t think you can even begin to understand

How it makes me feel now that you’re not in my hands

You’re like a missing piece in my composition

The brush to my paint, the key in my ignition

Now people are knocking against the glass in frustration

But I can’t understand a word, are they speaking Thracian?

I’m in a world of my own, lost completely in darkness

All I can see is the reflection of my eyes in utter starkness

I can’t recognize the glazed pupils looking back at me

The eyes that once looked into yours with a gleam

It’s like I’m a machine, let me tell you how

An object stoic in expression, waiting for the stow

Into the dump, the trash, or wherever broken things reach

At their life's end when they no longer can even screech

After all a machine that can no longer work

Is left for dead because who cares where it lurks

The people carry on knocking on the glass

I’m not giving them what they want, so they give me the pass

Walk right away with a roll of their eyes

Because who cares about something that doesn't reply

In a way that you want it to or way that you need

Because who isn't out for themselves, consumed with utter greed?

I’m still behind the glass, the surface misting with every breath

Watching how each moment takes me further and further away from the rest

Away from you and myself' and my dreams

The way I held you in my thoughts is drifting like a ripple on a stream

Losing who I am along with what I was before

I might’ve been a fool but at least I wasn't living sour

Then the time after when I harboured a temper too quick

A little push or a playful nick Would’ve brought on narrowed eyes, a muttered curse,

A fiery explosive inside that threatened to burst

What I am now is neither of the two

Calling me a machine isn't literally true

But it may as well be because if I’m not

I’m stuck in a world without even a label I got

Being a machine, I'm stoic in feeling

Show me emotion; know that I’m inwardly reeling

Away from you if you think I care

Because I got no love for no one but the thing over there

Walking away without a glance back

So keep your emotions by your side in a stack

Because a machine that's broken

Doesn’t accept any tokens

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