The Dark side

Sam had enough with hallucination keeps haunting his life. Which he going choose death or hope?


1. New Life

Light start shimmering out and birds tweet to fed their babies. People chatting quietly in the town, people keeps looking for stuff to buy. I walking through to town. 'excuse me sir' I asked 'Do you know where bus station is?' 

He turn to me with white beard, smart suits look like he working for office. His eyes look tense, he puff the cigarette and blows out 'right down there and turns left'. He replied

'Thanks buddy' I thanked him, I walking to the town turn left, I seen man hand out the newspaper to everyone, people started crowded in the bus station. '38' I muttered repeated. I catch a bus in the right time, I hand out my bus pass for disabled people, I touch the card to the scanner, the scanner went green and the print came out as I pulled out 'Thanks' I smiled, bus driver smiled back. I went to upstairs of bus and sat down on the cosy seat. Later on, I got off the bus to near primary school. They waves at me as I waves back with smiles. I walking to the right to the park. 'Got to work' I muttered. I open the gates when the cafe closed, I walked to the back and knocking loudly. A lady opens the door. 'Hello Sam!' She greeted me, she wears glasses, shirt when it's hot day out there. She deaf herself as same to me.

'Come in' She lets me in, I got in the cafe, I put my white jackets D-Rock on the hanger. 'Hello Jane, you okay?' I asked, 'Yeah, I'm fine, thanks. You?' She asked back too

'I'm kinda okay, I guess' I chuckled little and rubs my eyes, I have a long day at school with my mates and staff. 

'How your depressed is?' She asked me quietly

'It's went work well, it's helped me a lots' I answer to her, she smiled

'Glad to hear that Sam' She smiled and looks down to her laptop of her paperwork. I sat till 11:00am, 'ready to open?' I asked, she nods and put her thumb up to me. I wander to the kitchen and grabs the key on the wall, I walk to the key to opens on the wall, I plugged in and turn to clockwise, the door suddenly opens up. I saw a figure shadow behind the rocks as I blurred my eyes to focus on it. I unlocked the door while looks at the shadow figure. When I opens the door, it vanished. I started puzzled and scratching my head and shrugs 'Oh well. Maybe I just see things' I mutter. 

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