What Do You See?


1. Broken

You say that’s

She’s beautiful

You say that

She’s perfect

Thin with long

Hair, eyes

Glimmer like

The ocean


She says she’s

Fat, she says

She’s ugly

She sees the


She will never

See the beauty

Or will she?


So many have told

Her she’s



Pointed out her


So that’s

What sticks


She will starve


Scrub her face

Until the skin

Begins to peel.

Put on makeup

To hide the


That only

She sees


You say that’s

She’s beautiful

No flaws to be

Seen and she

Begs each night

That she could

See it to.


You say that she’s

Smart, funny



The smile brightens

Your day and that

Laugh makes

Your heart flutter


Inside she’s broken

She compares

Herself to everyone

She sees, wanting

To be like them

The ones that are

Thin, stick like

Even. She sees

That they don’t

Have a pimple

To be seen

Why does she?

How could she

Be beautiful

When those girls

Leave her in the dust


You say she’s like

No other girl

No one else


You love

When she snorts

When she laughs

You love that she’s

Caring and

Hard working.

You love everything

There’s nothing wrong

With her


She begins to believe you

Maybe everything was in

Her mind. You have always

Been by her side, but then

She’s torn down once again

You should take

Medicine to clear that up

You need to work out and

Watch what you eat

You’re beginning to

Become chubby.

You should be

More like her.

At least she

Has one person

She can count on.


She hides inside

Crying to herself

No one sees that

They only see the


She wants you

To know she’s not


She’s breaking


Begging for help

She needs you to

Hold her hand

But she has too much

Pride to ask so

She shuts the

World out

To hold the voices back

If she’s alone than

There is no one

To point out her



Maybe she should

Be happy with

Who she is

Maybe she should

Stop comparing herself

There are so many voices inside her head

But let me tell you that

You’re good enough

He helps, but

It’s your strength

That will fix


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