Book One

The first book. Very valuable. Worth trillions of dollars. The man who owned it found dead. Coincidence? I think not. (Thank you, Infinite_Exho, for the wonderful cover!!!)


3. The Wife (a.k.a. Me)

Christopher shut the book and smiled down his and I's children laying on the floor. "And that, kids, is why I am amazing," he chuckled, running his fingers up and down the side of the papers that were un-neatly stapled together.

"Oh, Chris, must you fill their heads with this nonsense?" scoffed the old nursemaid named Maureen.

I smiled at Maureen. "You know, he's just being creative!" I said.

Chris stood up quickly. "It ain't just a story, Annabeth! It's the truth! Oh, and Maureen, please just shut up!"

I rolled my eyes. Chris was an amazing writer, and this was obviously just another fabrication. 

"Whatever," I smiled and bent down to kiss him.

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