basically thoughts from my mind at the moment.


1. i have no clue what is going on

ok so im not sure if im just overreacting or if it actually means something when i get this feeling. i feel boring. i feel lonely. I feel like you dont care sometimes, but i know that you often care more than my own family. i really miss you, and i wish i could tell you all of these feelings, but if i send one more unnecessary message more, you'll just regret being with me. i dont know if i could bear to lose you, and we talked about this. 
i really love you, with all of my heart. those 332 kilometers means nothing to me, because i get to see you. i dont care about the money it has to cost me, or the sleepless nights. i want to stay up, talking to you on skype, and keep in touch, but of course your life is more social and interesting than mine

i havent heard your voice in over 2 days now. it feels weird. as when youre alone in a room that is usually filled up with people. 

i can see you, leaving my messages on seen, and its like a knife gets plunged into my heart whenever you do so. of course you have more interesting things to do, than to listen to me complain about how i miss you, like i do every day.

youre my everything.

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