Primrose MacCain died a death that would not have been known, until she came back alive and became a Necrotic. What the underwordlings call a zombie.

Now she is trying to hunt down her killer and seek revenge, but the new world she has been brought into is nothing short of troublesome.

Mysteries and secrets is what Primrose has, but she is slowly unravelling who killed her. Thanks to her new friends and possible love.

Journey with Primrose and seek revenge on the mass killer who has stolen her humanity.


1. I

It clung to me. Devouring my existence and stealing the agonizing scream from my throat before it had a chance to escape and explode in a million pieces. As if stripping me from anything that would help me to leave from the darkness itself.

Not even my tears could be seen now. Those tears which would match my loved ones who will know about their lost soon. Before I became lost in this darkness, the screams of sirens filled my ears. A sound that was too far away to save me.

Slowly, the pain became dull. The screams that were threatening me now silenced from life and I was floating in the heavy air. As if my life has left this carcass and disintegrated into the air itself.

Yet despite my life leaving me, my conscious was left to rot. The question of the death played at the edges, but the thoughts focused on small memories of nothingness.

A blue butterfly flitting around my golden head, landing on top of the locks and to fly away a second after. The smile on my youths face was large and bounty full, only one that could be accomplished by such innocence and pure happiness.

As quickly as that butterfly abandoned me, another memory subdued that fear of death. It was of my mother who shared the same hair and laugh, instead of the one who replicated my younger sibling.

The women with honey kissed hair was smiling down at me, offering me the melting sweet that I cried for minutes ago. Undying love filled her eyes as I returned her smile and suckled the treat.

Like before, the memory shifted. It was bleak and painful, around me shadows cried and mourned for the golden sun that exploded into a million forms of energy, dissipating into the darkness where I now resided. Stones jutted out of the bright green grass, elongating like ribs to a skeletal remain. Left, barren of any love and life.

The pale face that I looked down upon before matched that of the sky that looked down upon me now. A man stood tall, watching as well. His form was weakened a little, but his proud spirit could not allow a single stolen glance of his pain that lay inside his heart, to be seen. The mans hand rested on top of my head before falling to his side.

He uttered some words that I didn't bother to pay attention to before, but now it imprinted onto my head. "It will be ok." Those four words were the first he spoke to me in a week, due to the fact that his words belonged to his job and his job only. Just like his attention.

As soon as the scene shifted a weight lifted off my mind, one that I have left for so long that it was forgotten. Now I stood at a door shrouded by the heavy darkness. The red wood stolen what was left of my breath, utter awe was the source. Carved into the wood were butterflies and in the centre was a life like mother who shared melting sweets with me long ago.

After all this pain and darkness, I have reached the ending. One that promise happiness and honey kissed hair that would sway in the wind, dancing with blue butterflies. A promise that would signify the ending of my life, but the beginning of dead dreams.

I started to close in on the red door but stopped short. A movement caught my attention, one in the depths of the darkness. Slowly I turned towards the movement, sighting a strange sight. Blazing blue eyes that were closed long ago stared at me, a smile of love rested below, and the hair I inherited framed the pale face that use to be the sky.

The movement was a women. One who I called mommy so long ago. She stretched out her hand and I forced myself to grab it. No true hesitation worn my bones, and not true fear torn into my mind. "Come. Follow me into the darkness." The words chimed and I fell victim.

A child once again, lost in the innocence and the pure, unadulterated love. Willingly I followed and went into the darkness. A trap for the bees.

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