I'm a vampire (rewriten)

Hello my name is Sara I'm 17 I have dark hair and blue eyes. I met a boy at school and I think I'm in love , but there is something unusual about him.


2. it's time

                  Luke's POV

When I got back from dropping Sarah off Jerrie was in the door " what are doing with her she's human you can't do this again you know what happen the last time you were with a human didn't you learn your lesson after Cassie " he said "it's none of your business Jerrie stay out of it " I snapped at him I can't believe he would doubt me like that "please Luke I'm just trying to protect you, both of you" I didn't  answer him I just went to the basement to get a bag from my Stash and went to my room Jerrie doesn't get it I I'm, I really love her I have to tell her about me soon.

 The next day at about 11 I was on my way to Sarah's house, I drove up and parked and she was standing in the door waiting for me, "you’re that existed huh?" I said almost laughing "yes I am now c'mon"

She's just amazing. I walked up gave her a kiss and she told me to come in, thank good I thought this would have gotten wired if I just had to stand there waiting for her to invite me in. "Angie! He's here" Angie must be her aunt, I'm nervous and excited at the same time, I'm going to tell her about me tonight. After dinner Sara and I went to her room as soon as the door was locked she jumped on me and started kissing me, "hey hey take it slow tiger" I said smiling between the kiss "I'm sorry" she said and stopped "it's ok, it's just you know your aunt is downstairs, you’re sure you want to do this here, now?" She started smiling and took her shirt of "I'm sure, are you?" My smile was her reply and she started taking my shirt of while I unbuttoned her shorts and ripped them of, then she did the same to my pants and we were now only in our underwear "you’re ready?" She gave me that smile and I knew she was on, I ripped her panties of and slid my underwear down my legs and started into her slow and I picked up the pace as we went along until I went so fast that the bed started to shiver I stopped and collapsed on top of her and kissed her gently, "that was amazing" she said breathless. I started kissing her and licking her button lip asking for entrance with she granted and the kiss was deepened and passionate and just amazing. "Sara, I have to tell you something about me, it will probably scare you and you might not want to see me again after I tell you"

" what is it Luke? Just tell me" I will "promise you will give me a chance" she smiled "I promise" ok I'm telling her "I'm.... Sara I'm a vampire" she laughed Auch "I can prove it, come with me" I took her to the bathroom found a blade and "hey!! What are you doing this is crazy" she almost yelled at me. I cut deep into my wrist like humans do when they try to commit suicide, Sara was panicking until my wound slowly healed then she looked amazed but still a little shocked "I told you" I then slid out my fangs and the veins around my eyes got visible and dark, I could tell she was scared but she took it better than anyone else that had known me and found out what I was "your, really a vampire" I smiled at her "yes, I am really a vampire" wow she's taking it grate so far

" please don't hurt me" oh I would never

  "I could never hurt you, I love you" I said it I really said it, I told her I love her

She still looked a little scared, but she tensed up and opened her mouth "y you L love me?" She stuttered, I really do love her, I smiled "yes I really love you Sara" she smiled a bit and then she got closer "and you’re sure you can control yourself around me" I'm confident I can around her cut I really love her, "of course I can" she smiled and gave me a hug, she is just so amazing that is the most come reaction I have ever gotten, all the others just ran away.


                   Sara's P.O.V

He is a vampire Luke is a vampire, and I'm not the least scared, he loves me he really does, I think I love him too, I looked at him as he drove me home he looked back and smiled I smiled back "so is all the books right about vampires and their weaknesses?" I asked him, he smiled, "most of them are, like sunlight and staking, but we can walk in the sun if we have a special ring that is enchanted by a witch" a witch wow they exist too? "Witches are real?" I asked with wow he grinned, "yes they are, werewolves too, and there's one hybrid he is both werewolf and vampire, and he is very dangerous because he and his family is also the first vampires" wow that is really something, I'm in a fantasy horror movie.

The next day I woke up as usual and took a bath and made myself ready for school, I said goodbye to my aunt ant went for the door, and there outside I saw Luke in a gorgeous new car, ¨wow you got a new car¨ he stepped out of the car and smirked, ¨yeah, you like it? ¨ I walked over to the car and smiled, ¨I love it¨ I opened the door and stepped in and he did the same, on the ride to school we listened to music and sang along. When we arrived at school he opened the door for me and we walked to the door together, ¨so what classes do you have? ¨ he asked me ¨I have English, then art, then physics and then I have literature¨ I answered, then he smiled and said ¨I have the same classes apart from physics, I have Italian¨ he has Italian, I love Italian but I don’t have space in my schedule for it, ¨so are you any good at Italian¨ he smirked and then said something in Italian ¨certo che posso¨ and his accent wow amazing, ¨wow are you itallian or something? ¨ he smirked ¨as a matter a fackt i am¨ ¨hey can I ask you something? ¨ he smiled and said ¨of Couse¨ ¨how old are you, really? ¨ ¨I was born in 1847 so that makes me about 170 years old¨




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