Regret Message

2nd book to Servant of Evil (part I) hope you guys like it!


1. Village

It's been 3 years since the day my kingdom fell and i lost my brother. Now I spent my days in a small village by the shore. "Hello miss can we visit your brother again today?" A couple of little kids asked me. I smiled and nodded. "I'm sure he would like the company girls thank you." They giggled and followed me to the back where I had made a grave. "Hi Len! We came back with Rin to meet you." The girls smiled as if he was their and stood sided by side as if Len was their meeting them for real. I smiled a bit and laughed softly.

"My name is Lilly!" The little girl had pink ribbons in her pink tails. Her long brown hair swirled with curls


The next girl stepped up and smiled shyly. " name is Mandy..." she slowly looked down at her feet shy. Mandy had long pretty brown hair in a pretty blue ribbon in it. 


They wore pretty dresses that matched their ribbons. I smiled and placed a flower on his grave. " I love you..." The girls said their good byes to me and both went home.

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