Wispering to Her

Willow Grace, has turned a new leaf, swearing never to be a trouble... But how long will it last with a she-devil on her tracks. Especially the fact that nobody else can see 'her' is going to .almost. kill her


1. An Unfamiliar Girl

I turned over a new leaf... I wouldn't get in trouble badly again... Or so I thought

''Mum who's this?'' I ask, a little girl, gloomy dark hair, pale skin and a torn white dress.

''Who'' She begins ''I can't see a soul who I don't know.''

''This one'' I say, pointing to the girl.Mum peers over my shoulder.

''Honey, don't be ridiculous it's just a tree'' she replies

''But Mum I'm not kidding She.Is.Right.There''

''Stop this now Willow Grace.'' I sigh and take the photo album upstairs. Once in my room I shut the door behind me.

''Go away'' I whisper. After a moment I open the book, she's there, with the family, I frantically flick through the pages.


She's on every page. No matter what I say or how I say it, no matter how many times I throw the book at the wall, there she is. Staring at me.

''STOP IT RIGHT NOW! STOP STOP STOP, please go away, please please please'' no, I don't want it to be true, but I know that no amount of begging will help. She won't go...

I place the album on my bed and rush to the door.


No no no no. I'm trapped

A girl stands in front of me

I know I'm dead now, I just know it

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