Music From Maria [Season 1]

The tracks that both inspired and featured in my screenplay Maria [Season 1].


1. Music From Maria [Season 1]


So here it is, the soundtrack to Maria. Most of the tracks are the titles that inspired an episode, but others are songs that featured in episodes, often songs played live by Dying Breed.


1. Maria [Green Day]

2. Home Sweet Home [Motley Crue]

3. Take On The World [Judas Priest]

4. Animal [Def Leppard]

5. Castaway [Green Day]

6. Girlfriend [The Darkness]

7. Last Night On Earth [Green Day]

8. Nine Lives [Def Leppard]

9. Not Gonna Die [Skillet]

10. Shoot To Thrill [AC/DC]

11. High School Never Ends [Bowling For Soup]

12. What's It Gonna Take [Motley Crue]

13. Promises [Def Leppard]

14. Confessions [Motley Crue]

15. If Eternity Should Fail [Iron Maiden]

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