Wild Guardians: Into the Forest

Where you have to fight for survival. Wild Guardians is a series about wild dogs living in the forest just beyond human territory. A dog named Max lives with his owners but is tempted to run away into the forest. Myths have been said that wild packs live in the forest and fight for survival, but again, they are myths. Will Max meet the packs or will he find out that it was all just a lie? Find out in the first series (this one). By the way Max's breed is German Shepherd.


2. Misunderstanding

Did he really do it? Did Max really get onto the other side of the fence? Looking around, Max notices how overgrown the area was. The grass was almost touching his stomach and bugs were jumping in and out of the grass. A few scents of foxes and squirrels were spread around, making Max feel unsafe. He has run into a fox before, and it wasn't friendly. Just the memory of the terror and pain that the small creature caused made Max's fur stand on end. But he couldn't give up now, he already went under the fence and being poked in the back isn't a nice feeling. Without hesitation, Max moved on. Unused to long grass, Max puts his paws high in the air as if trying not to touch it. He'll need to get used to it, the forest is a little far away.

As Max walks he hears a big bang from behind, ''Max! Get over here! MAX!'' It was his owner, Max could tell from his voice that he was very scared and worried as his voiced wobbled when he spoke. Even with his temptation to turn around and go back to safety, his curiosity was too strong. Max broke into a run. His owner is heard from afar shouting in terror as his beloved companion runs into unknown territory. 

As he gets closer to the dark and damp forest, Max starts to regret his decision. But even though terror is towering over him, he has gone too far to give up and once he does come back, his owner will secure the fence so he will not even think about trying to get over.

The beautiful summer light is blocked out and a dark shadow is casted from the trees. Many new and strange smells are in every hole and corner, strange sounds are heard from afar.

Suddenly, something runs past him, something small and fast. It was right under his nose! As it ran away, Max was left with his tail down, a hunched back and fur standing on end. The only animal that he knew that has done this before was a cat called Trixie, his worst enemy. A grey cat with blue eyes and a pink collar. But this creature wasn't grey with blue eyes and a pink collar, it was brown with long ears and legs, it wasn't a cat at all!

Max got a taste of surprise in the forest, and now he’s much more alert and cautious.

As he slowly ventures into the forest, he feels more vulnerable with every step he takes. Before it might have been something small but the forest is big and anything could jump out at any time.

Max stops. He carefully sniffs the air. The smell from before. That dog he saw! Sniffing the ground, he follows the smelly trail. It’s leading him further into the forest. If Max hadn’t seen the dog he would have thought he was the only dog coming this far into the forest. As he follows the scent he starts finding evidence that the dog wasn’t alone. Different scents starts clashing into each other and soon it became a jumble of smells. He couldn’t find the dog’s scent so he followed a different one, he wasn’t sure if it was another dog or just and friendly critter. He guessed it could be another dog since the smells were a little the same. After finding the jumble of smells he hears a twig snap. Instinctively, he faces the direction the sound came from. Max slowed down his breathing and took very careful steps. Suddenly, a pair of beady eyes appear from the shadows and then… a growl. Max steps back, tail down. Within seconds, a creature from the shadows tackles Max and leaves him on the floor. Without hesitation, Max stands up and starts dashing towards his home. Blood starts rushing through him and he starts hearing his own heartbeat. The creature is on his tail. Barking at him. A dog! Max thinks. Slowing down, he turns around to see the dog but quickly gets pinned to the ground. Pain floods through him, making him flinch. Quickly, Max tries to get the attacker off him by kicking it's stomach. The attacker loosens it's grip, with that chance, Max pulls himself up, making the dog let go. 

Max is all bloody and exhausted. Looking at the dog he sees it outraged and covered in blood. The dog slowly crept forward, Max stepped back and soon, the dog leaped at Max with it's claws out targeting Max's face. Without seconds, Max is pushed onto the ground. His face scraped the forest floor, leaving him weak and harmless. 

He couldn't stand a chance against the dog.

Soon, he feels the dog standing on him with it's fangs around his scruff. One powerful bite and he's down.

With his eyes closed, Max was ready to accept his fate of death. As thoughts flow across his mind as to how painful his death will be… nothing happens. For a second he thinks, Am I dead? Was it painful? Did I feel anything? Slowly, he opens his eyes. Looking around he finds the dog standing in front of him. The dog was grey with a black muzzle and back, a thin, black line was going across it’s back.

The dog circled Max with it's eyes following Max's every movement. It's stare pierced a hole right through him. Silence was between then but was quickly broken. "Who are you? And what are you doing in this forest! This is no place for nofur pets!" Its voice was fierce and strong but Max could tell that the dog was a female. Max stood up with his head high. "It is none of your business what I am doing here" His words were strong too, but inside, he was as weak as a newborn. The dog growled and hit the ground with her paw as a warning. "What are you doing here. Answer me now..." Her voice told Max that she wasn't playing around. He lost confidence and lowered his head but still stood strong. "I am Max, I come from a town called Boyle and I came here because I saw another dog enter this place" Lowering his head he added, "I followed and that was a big mistake" Looking back up he says. "And I am sorry that I came here. But... what are you doing here? Dogs are not meant to live in forests. Have you even seen what OTHER creatures there are!" The dog loses it's anger and starts chuckling. "Oh, you poor, poor pet. Did a bunny wabbit scare you? Hahaha!" She stops and looks at Max  sternly "Listen, I am not a pet nor a dog. I am a wild wolf and I live in this forest with the rest of my pack. We fight and hunt together as a pack. We fight for survival. And you? Puppies like you wouldn't survive a day out here. You would just scare all the prey away" She gives a pathetic grunt at Max. Max feels anger rushing through him, he was not a pathetic puppy! He was a German Shephard! The wolf dog! "I am not a puppy! And I would survive out here! Did you even see me hunt?" The female growls back, "I don't need to see you hunt to know you're not fit for the forest. You fight pathetically. Even a pup could easily beat you! You would be no more than another mouth to feed." Max felt defeated. She was right. He barely showed any fighting techniques he just took hits and hoped for the best. He looked her into her eyes and said, "You're right, I'm not a fighter nor a hunter..." The female grinned but her victory soon ended, "You can teach me how to fight!" The female's eyes widened in surprise and shock, "Me? Teach you? You must have ticks in your brain, a nofur pet like you could never learn any fighting or hunting techniques. This is an ancient skill and every wolf born in the wild gets that amazing skill. No dog gets that in the nofur dens. And besides, I, Silvermoon, only teach wolves worthy of my time" She replied holding her head up high in pride. 

Silvermoon, huh? Max had an idea of how she could agree to train him. "Do you know what type of breed I am, Silvermoon?" Silvermoon's eyes widened, she coarsely answered back. "What type of breed you are? I don't need to know that useless information! And no matter what breed you are, you will still be a pet to my eyes. Once a pet, always a pet" Max grinned "I am a German Shephard, the closest dog to looking and acting like a wolf" Silvermoon smiled and coughed up a loud laugh, "You? Acting like a wolf? Don't make me laugh! Oh, wait, you already did!" 

As Silvermoon teased Max a loud howl was heard from afar. Silvermoon looked in the direction and turned back to Max, "You'd better get out of here and back to your nofur den. This is no place for you" She runs off into the direction were the howl came.

Should Max follow her? He already got into a fight, should he risk getting into another one? He wants to go home, to safety but he wants to know what's hiding in the forest. It won't be an easy decision.

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