Wild Guardians: Into the Forest

Where you have to fight for survival. Wild Guardians is a series about wild dogs living in the forest just beyond human territory. A dog named Max lives with his owners but is tempted to run away into the forest. Myths have been said that wild packs live in the forest and fight for survival, but again, they are myths. Will Max meet the packs or will he find out that it was all just a lie? Find out in the first series (this one). By the way Max's breed is German Shepherd.


1. Curious

The sun is coming up and birds are chirping their morning songs. The moist, cold air of the summer morning wakes a little village called Boyle in Canada and one of the residents is Max, a German Shepherd and his owner. Starting off his first day of summer is going to the park. As his owner puts on his collar Max pulls him closer to the door, unable to wait any longer until the door opens up and he is free as a bird! Unless his owner puts him on a leash... Max is fine with that, as long as he can smell the fresh summer around in his nostrils and feel the warm grass under his paws, he's perfectly fine with being on a leash. Summer is Max's favourite season, he calls this Green Leaf as for he doesn't understand the human tongue.

Trotting along the road, Max scents his fifth favourite smell, female dogs. Max becomes excited and starts pulling his owner towards the scent. His owner tries pulling him back but fails miserably. ''Sit, boy! Sit!'' Max ignores the commands and keeps on pulling. Eventually, his owner gets fed up and pulls Max so hard that Max gives a little yelp. ''Bad dog! Bad!'' He shouts, hitting Max (gently but with tiny bit of power) on his bottom. Max gets the message and obeys his owner. He starts walking by his side as an apology. 

As Max steps on the grass of the park he feels enlightened. Three whole seasons he waited for this very moment, Red Leaf, No Leaf and Leaf Bloom. Max sticks his head up and gives a short yowl of excitement. His owner bends down and lets Max off his leash. Max sprints to the middle of the park and runs around giving barks of happiness. As he wags his tail, geese fly over his head, making him even more energized. Following the flying birds his owner whistles for Max to come back. Max becomes disappointed but obeys his owner. Trotting to his owner he notices a poodle with a young lady, the same age as his owner. Max knew that it was his chance to find a mate for his owner and, if possible, himself. Max dashed to his owner, grabbed him by his sleeve and took him towards the lady and dog. Max's fur was standing on end as he came closer and closer to the woman.  

''Max, sit! Sit!'' Shouted the owner but Max didn't listen. Max was so close, he could feel it. Missing this chance would be like missing a £1,000 note flying by. ''That's it!'' Max got yanked back, almost choked. Max got agitated, he has never felt such pain being caused by his owner. The woman stood up and stomped over to Max, shouting at his owner. ''What do you think you're doing? Yanking a dog like that could choke him!'' The woman seemed very serious about the situation. After her came the poodle and in her sweet little voice she silently barked, ''Are you okay? Did he hurt you badly?'' Her voice was as sweet as her face, eyes crystal clear blue and fur as white as snow. Max stuttered nervously, ''I'm fine, it didn't hurt that much..'' The poodle gave him a little lick on his muzzle. Max felt a little overwhelmed. ''Ugh...umm...'' The poodle gave a little chuckle, ''Hehe, I'm Bliss-'' but right when Bliss was about to say something her owner pushed Max's owner. ''You psycho! I bet that you have done even worse things than choke a dog! You know what? I won't take any risks'' As she shouts she gets out her phone, and as she does, Max's owner's face goes pale white. Max can scent fear coming off his owner causing even him to lower his tail. Max looks at Bliss and he can tell she scents it too. ''Hello? Yes, yes. Uh, a man was choking his dog. What? What do you mean you won't come?! He choked his dog! No, it was not an accident. He hurt his dog! I know what’s going on, you’re protecting him! Don’t tell I'm making up stories! I bet you're dog killers too and that’s why you don’t want him arrested! Don't tell me to calm down!'' Max felt something poking him, a flea? Ugh, not right now, please! Max looks back but finds his owner poking him, as Max made eye contact his owner mouthed the word run. Maybe Max didn't understand the human tongue but he understood how humans mouth certain words and run was one of them. Max turned round and started to trot, waiting for his owner. ''Where are you going?'' Called Bliss after him. Max turned round and barked back, ''Home! Don't worry, we'll see each other again soon!'' Then Max faced his owner and barked at him, urgently. His owner understood and started dashing, shouting at Max ''Home, Max! Go home!'' Max started to run to the park gates but soon he hears shouting, ''Where do you think you're going?! Police? They're running! Do something you lazy pigs!'' she shouts at the phone. But as soon as she finishes talking on the phone, Max and his owner were gone...

What a way to start the summer! Getting almost killed by an angry lady. As Max's owner urgently unlocks the door to his house, Max ponders on what might happen to them, Max is fascinated by the Human society.  They have rules to what to do and what not to do. Bad moment to think but it just hit Max all of a sudden, but his thoughts leave him as his owner quietly and urgently tells Max to get in the house. Max follows the command and comes in. His owner locks the door as soon Max gets in the house, leaving a loud bang which makes Max jump. 

The house is pretty plain, there is a long corridor going right through the house with rooms on each side. The walls were a boring grey and the carpet was brown, as if the floor of a forest, dirty and muddy. Max sleeps in the living room were his bed is, the room is a little nicer than the corridor. The walls were a light blue and the floor was made out of the 'finest' birch wood. Max knows it isn't the 'finest' because of the smell coming from it. The wood smells of oil and gasoline. People must have wanted to burn it but guessed they could sell it instead. You could even see tiny black patches from the oil and gasoline on the wood. But Max got used to it, he kind of likes it now. It reminds him of his old home, it was big and beautiful. Painted white and on the right of it was a garage. His owner used to fix cars and Max would lie down beside his owner, but those times were left behind and a new life has started. 

Walking towards his bed, Max starts thinking of Bliss. Her sweet voice and smell. Even though Max only saw her for a minute or two, she was stuck in his head. Looking out of the window, Max puts his head down onto his paws. Max thought of the woman shouting at his owner, not a potential mate, he thought. Max realised that all he was really thinking about was love, but he couldn't stop, love isn't something you can throw away. Ever since he and his owner moved here, everything was strange. Max wasn't acting his normal self and neither was his owner. Instead of free, Max felt caged in by something, but what? It couldn't possibly be his owner, could it? Sadness flowed over Max, leaving him with nothing. Max looked out his window once again, but this time, he noticed something strange. He stood up and trotted over to his window. Jumping up, Max looks out. He sees a figure, four legged with tail, a dog? Max looks around, no human. Was the dog alone? Max then thought of something, a stray! He has never seen one in person, his mother always said they're dreaded creatures that eat old bones and other animals, Max never believed her, but now he does. Max howls with excitement leaving his sadness. As Max watches the dog moves away into the forest. Max's tail stops wagging. Why did the dog go into the forest, his mother said they lived on streets and in alleys, not in forests. Could his mother be wrong? This was a mystery Max needed to solve.

Where is his owner? Quickly Max rushes to his owner grabbing him by the sleeve and pulling him to the door. His owner fiercely takes away his arm and looks at Max with confusion, Max runs towards the door and scratches it. ''No! We're not going for a walk, and we won't be for a while...'' Max then knew that the only way to get his owner's attention was by doing every human's nightmare. Max went to the closest corner and sat down with his tail high up and his bottom just 10 centimetres away from the floor. Every human knows that position, ''Max! Bad boy!'' he grabs Max by his collar and opens the door, ''No pooing on the carpet! Go outside and do your business, I'll be watching you from the window'' and he lets Max out. As soon as the door closes Max looks out to see if the dog is still there. No. But Max wouldn't give up that easily, he will just follow the scent. Running down he remembered that there is a fence. Ugh, humans and their protection. Maybe Max could find a hole to slip through? Or maybe just jump over? He has never tried escaping before, he always stayed with his owner no matter what, but today that will have to change. His curiosity is pulling him closer and closer to the forest and the mysterious dog. 

Max decided to just dig under the fence, he found some holes in the fence but they're way too small and jumping over would just lead to an injured stomach, he could never jump that high! In the corner will be fine, he thinks to himself, if he gets the attention of his owner his plan will just end. 

As he started to dig he noticed how hard it is, it's dry season and the soil hardened as all the water evaporated from the inside. But as soon as he got the dried up layer out of the way, the ground was much softer than he expected. Digging and digging, Max ends up with a big enough tunnel for him to climb under. As went climbed under he felt the fence scratching his back. He had to hold in cries of pain, but before he even knew, he was on the other side of the fence.

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