A single tear and a red rose

This story is about how I meant somebody. Somebody who everybody wants. A story about a boy and a girl meeting in an usual way. Where we are two different people. He has brown eyes, dark shaggy hair, tan skin, tall and lean. His personality not like anybody else's ever. Yet me a girl with short brown hair, green eyes with black glasses, slight pale skin and I'm short and lean with a too big of chest. Didn't know I would fall for someone who would save my life. Didn't know that I was going to cry for him. Didn't know I would feel lust for someone. Didn't know a single tear would fall on to a red rose dripping blood.


1. Character Info




     Name: Makayla Cobb (Main female character: Human) 

     Age: 17

     Looks: Short brown hair, green eyes with black glasses, slightly pale, short and lean, and a big chest (Gah I hate having a big chest T-T) 

     Personality: Quiet (sometimes), funny, smart, hard time showing emotions, hides her pain, always tired

      Past: Was bullied when little about not having a dad, then left and went to a different school but her pain followed her, then was bullied again in middle school, now in high school she mostly keeps to herself and writes, draws, and listens to music to block people out

     Likes: Pocky, gummies, music, sweets in general, sleeping, books, movies, and cuddling with her stuffed wolf

     Dislikes: bullies, revenge, being alone, crying, giving up, people who can't see the fine line between good or bad

     Hobbies: Singing, drawing, reading, cloud watching, writing, and listening to music 


     Name:  Dakota M. (Main male character: Half human half vampire)  

     Age: 18

     Looks: Short brown hair, brown eyes, very tan, tall and slightly lean

     Personality: Calm, slight emotionless, funny (once you get to know him), slightly carefree at times, also shy 

    Past: He had a dark past before he was turned into a half vampire.  

    Likes: Food and listening to music

     Dislikes: People being idiots  

     Hobbies: Listening to music, working on something, or sleeping  


     Name: Alice Winter (Other main female character: Witch) 

     Age: 17

     Looks: Blond hair with teal dipped ends, blue gem like eyes, slightly tan, and short and lean

    Past: She moved to town 7 years ago with her grandma and became Makayla's friend a few weeks after she came here.

    Likes: Music, sleeping, and drawing

    Dislikes: Everyone besides Makayla

    Hobbies: sleeping 




      Name: Damien Scott (Main other male character)  

      Age: 18

      Looks: Red hair that goes back into a point with bangs hanging in front of his face, gold piercing eyes, pale skin, and tall and lean (if you know what sasuke from naruto looks like think of that but with the different colors and real)

      Personality: Cold and dark

      Past: Became a vampire around 13 years ago and has been moving around looking for somebody to be his mate

      Likes: reading, blood, and night time

      Dislike: people

      Hobbies: nothing  


      Name: Alexander Scott (Damien's brother and another main male character) 

      Age: 19

      Looks: Black messy bed-head hair, green eyes, pale skin, and tall and lean (Yes their both very hot. . . Okay all of them are hot but still!) 

      Personality: Calm, quiet, and cold

     Past: Became a vampire a year earlier then his brother and turned him.

     Likes: Sleeping, reading, night time, and blood  

     Dislikes: idiots and being woken up in the morning

     Hobbies: reading and drawing


    Name: Sam Knight (Main male villain character) 

    Age: 25

    Looks: Straight brown hair that falls a little above his eyes, black eyes, pale skin, and tall and lean

    Personality: evil and sadistic

    Past: Became a vampire 30 years ago and wants to find a jewel that awakens a great power. 

   Likes: Blood and killing

   Dislikes: Sunlight and everything

   Hobbies: nothing    


    Name: Nessa Storm

    Age: 180

    Looks: Beautiful silver hair, Red piercing eyes, Pale skin that looks transparent, Tall and lean

    Personality: Cold, Dark, Evil, and Sadistic

    Past: Became a vampire over 90 years ago in Ireland and wants the same jewel as Sam. 

    Likes: Nothing

    Dislikes: Everything

    Hobbies: Killing  



             This story is of a girl who has this green gem that's been in her family for generations. She doesn't know what it entails but her grandmother told her to never let it out of her sight. Yet the gem is a stone that can make a contract with a supernatural creature. Or if a supernatural creature takes it then they can become a king or queen. Right now she is 17 and is friends with a witch but she doesn't know her friend is a witch. Then people who want to kill her start showing up left and right, well two people, actually four *coughcoughhotguyscoughcough*, want to protect her, and to keep the gem safe. Follow her as she goes and fights for her life and those around her.



     Hey there everyone it's Luna back at it with another story! Anyway this I will be updating some other stories but this one will be updated slowly along with the other ones. Please no flames! I just have school work that I have to work on while I'm writing and I want to have good grades to get my iPhone back so please forgive me for the slow updates. But I hope you like the characters so far I might add more in the future but anyway if you have questions about the plot or characters just leave a comment and I will answer. But anyway see ya guys later and hopefully my books will be updated. See ya! XD   

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