Servent of Evil

This is the first book of a chain i am writting so i hope you enjoy them the second will be out shortly after! Be sure to keep you eyes out for the Regret message! Love you all so much and please enjoy the book!


1. 1

Rin's pov:

I went out to the fields with my mom to look for my brother. "Where could he be mommy?" I looked at her. "I'm sure we'll find him dear." I smiled and nodded. "My lady you needed."  A maid came out to tell us. She nodded and looked at me with a smile. "You go find your brother and when I'm done with this I'll read the whispering sea to you and your brother okay?" I smiled and nodded feeling a bit sad that she had leave but I did as I was told like the good little girl I was.

"Len where are you!" I called out to him hoping he would hear me. "RIN!" He screamed and tackled me to the ground laughing. "Their you are Len. Me and mommy where looking for you so she can read to us." Len looked over at the house as mom walked into the house. "Well mommy looks busy right why don't we play for a bit?" I noticed that Len looked a bit sad. "okay...what do you want to play?" I asked him and he tagged me and laughed. "Tag your it!" He yelled and ran away from me laughing the smile back on his face again as if nothing happened. I got up laughing and chased after him.

*A couple years later*

I was older now and me and Lend didn't play as much any more. Our mom got Ill and had to stay in bed. Father told us not to worry. Soon he left us and dear aunt and uncle took care of us. "I'm very sorry master Rin and master Len. Your mother has passed away." I took the news better then my brother. Len stopped talking and I found my self wishing every day that I could see his smile ounce more. Sadly that never happened....

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