My New Life

Me and my 'mom' moved to California from New York. I'm stuck with Julie and fights every night, and getting feelings for my neighbour. I enjoy singing, dancing, fighting, basketball, football, running and some other things. Growing up fighting for myself you become more boyish, stronger and other things. I am as good as any boy and no one says otherwise.


1. My friends call me Star.

**Kai's POV(the whole thing)**

Boys never learn, no one can beat me. "Alright guys, to stop you from getting to embarrassed from getting beaten by a girl, I'm gonna take a break." I turned around and walked off to the stands laughing under my breath. Sitting on the stands were a group of boys with a new face, this boy was staring right at me. And because of who I am I nodded a hello and walked to my bag.

"Hey, who are you?" I froze as I pulled a water out my bag. I whipped my head around and found the boys staring at me, I sighed at the boys.

"I'm Kai, Kai Hart but my friends call me..."

"Star!" Someone grabbed me from behind and my instinct kicked in, I elbowed the person in the stomach and turned to face them. 'Them' was my best friend, Skylar, I covered my snickering mouth and bent down to her level,

"This is why you don't grab me from behind, instincts remember." She just layed there holding her stomach. I whispered baby under my breath and helped her up. I suddenly remembered something, "Hey, where's the gang?"

"STAR!!" Shouted a few voices I saw my gang walking through the game I was meant to be playing in,

"You gonna punch us too?" I rolled my eyes as Emily came up and hugged me, I muttered something about instincts before the boys came over.

"Hey, Em good to see ya." She turned around and glared at Ryan

"What do you want, Ryan?" She had a cold tone in her voice,

"Oh nothing...except for you to introduce me and my mates to your friends" I dropped Sky into Em's arms and stepped in front of her,

"Hows your face, Ryan?" I must've hit a nerve as his face morphed into a scowl,

"Shut up, Star." He mates laughed and I scowled at him, I suddenly smirked and replied,

"How is you leg?" He looked at me puzzled and I continued, "'cause it's gonna hurt in a sec..." Ryan went to hit me but the new boy stepped in his way.

"Ryan, no!" We all stared at him in shock, Ryan included.

"Why not? I have every reason to..." We heard something that sounded like a crowd of people coming our way...Paparazzi.

"Star! Star! Guys over here!" I picked up my bag and motioned for everyone to run, and believe me we ran. They all followed me and we raced to the private beach. When we got there everyone was out of breath and we all fell to the ground, I coincidentally fell on top of the new kid.

"S-sorry," I stuttered with a sweet smile, he smiled back.

"New problem, I'm Justin by the way."

"Nice to meet you." We stayed sitting side by side for quite sometime just chatting, until I realized we were the only ones on the beach. I stood up and said "I better get home, school tomorrow. See ya!" I walked off with a smile and I could feel his eyes studying me as I sauntered off. I smiled to myself and ran to the gates.

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