1. Welcome, to Evala

Evala. My home planet. My name is Luna. I am 8 years old. I live on a planet called Evala. Millions of light years away from earth, the place you call home. In a whole different Galexy. Our ruler, or empress, is Her Majesty, Queen Stella. I, however, am I servant in her palace. I know many people on earth don't have powers, only some do. Evlanians, on the other hand, have powers that you wouldn't believe. Some Evlanians live on your planet, earth, to protect you. But something is not right here, on Evala. It never has been right. I have always wanted to go to earth, go to what you call 'School' and learn the stuff you do, the human way. Here on Evala, when we are born, we get these things on our ears, they kinda look like 'headphones' as you call them, and all the information needed to know, gets in our brain. Now, the information only comes to mind when it's brought up. That would be too overwhelming if it all just came. That is basically how my planet works. Although, I forgot to merino the power thing. All Evlanians can fly, laser eyes, fire/ ice breathe, heal quicker than you can blink your eyes, and on rare occasions, a baby is born with special powers. That's me, the odd one. So welcome, to Evala.

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