When Lizzy the witch gets her powers stolen, she embarks on a quest to find them, meeting someone along the way that might make finding her powers not so important. *COVER BY Girl Of Fyre*


1. Love

Once upon a time, there was a witch named Lizzy. All of Lizzy's magical powers were stored in her little gold locket that she kept on her bedside table when she wasn't wearing it.

Every day, Lizzy would put on her locket and use her magic to help her neighbors with small problems. For example, when Linda's baby had a fever Lizzy made a potion to bring the baby back to a happy, healthy state. Lizzy did this for all her neighbors and was well loved by many.

One day, Lizzy woke up and went to put her locket on, only to find that it wasn't on her bedside table. Panicking, she pulled out the table and looked around for the golden necklace. Not finding it there, she began to look under her bed and search the rest of the house when it failed to turn up there. It wasn't there, she had searched the whole house and still hadn't found her locket. Asking her neighbors if they had seen it, she soon found out someone had broken into her house in the night and made off with her necklace. Of all times to loose her locket! Just when her neighbor's son Louis got scarlet fever!

Because of that, Lizzy set out to get her locket back, she would find that thief no matter what it took. Packing some clothes and food into a backpack, and getting a description if the thief, Lizzy set off on her journey. Leaving town she started off north to where the lair of the nations thieves was rumored to be. Along the way Lizzy met a woman named Lora, who offered to help her on her journey as she knew the land much better than Lizzy did. Over the course of their journey, Lora and Lizzy began to grow close and soon they fell in love. One night, Lizzy accidentally knocked over Lora's bag. Reaching down to pick it up and put everything back in, she saw something that caught her eye, something shiny and made of gold. Picking it up, she realized it was her locket. Lizzy began to grow angry, how could Lora keep this from her? When she confronted Lora rather angrily, the pair began to fight, ending with Lizzy taking her locket and heading for home, away from Lora.

Because of that, Lizzy ended up getting lost in the forest. Soon night fell and she found that she couldn't even light a fire by herself. Lost and alone in the dark Lizzy began to think of Lora, did it really matter? Was her locket that important? She could just buy another one at the magical store back home. Maybe she should apologize to Lora, she had over reacted. Little did she know, Lora was thinking the same things about Lizzy. Lora had meant to return the necklace, but she was afraid that Lizzy would leave her. Lora began to search the forest to find Lizzy, who had begun searching the forest for Lora. 

Until finally, they found each other and apologized to each other. They talked throughout the night, and eventually agreed to go back to Lizzy's home together and get married. When they arrived they cured Lizzy's neighbor's son Louis of his scarlet fever, got married and lived happily ever after.


The End

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