A Little More Personal

Dani has always seen Daniel as her normal older brother but what will happen when she finds out that not only is he not only not her brother but a werewolf.


1. Chapter One

~~Devin's pov.

Turns on camera that Daniella handed me. "Is this on... Oh yeah ok".

I sit down, at let this began, "Aye! I'm Devin Carter. I have jet black hair, dark blue eyes".

Wow that's a lot for just starting, I chuckle to myself "I'm buff but no too buff" yeah cause the ladies don't like all muscle.

"I have rock hard abs... Mostly because I work on them the most".

Ok that's done now time to wrap it up "I'm seventeen, I'm a junior in Salem University. Today is the first day of school and my brother, my sister, and I can't wait".

I turn off the camera, and take it to Dustin's room and hand it to him then heads out to school.

Dustin's pov.

Stares at the camera and set it up.

I turn it on "Sup... I'm Dustin Carter. I have jet black hair and dark blue eyes".

Gosh this is taking forever "I'm buff but not too buff... I have rock hard biceps other than my brother".

Last words I guess then huh "I'm seventeen and a junior in Salem University... Today's the first day actually".

I turn off the camera and leave my room and go gives Daniella the camera "I still don't get why we have to do this".

She smiles as she takes the camera from me "We need to see how we talk and act before school starts" she states and goes to her room. I grab my things and head to school.

Dani's pov.

I smile as I take the camera from Dustin "We need to see how we talk and act before school starts".

I take the camera, set it up, and turn it on. "Uhh" blushes and turns away from the camera.

"H-hey... I'm Daniella Carter but I also go by Dani or Ella by my older brother Daniel... In my head I call him Dan... I couldn't think of anything else yet".

Daniel... Why is he so different... Back to the topic Dani "Uhh I have jet black hair and blue-gray eyes that I cover most of the time with contacts... Yeah that's right Devin... Dustin... I'm not exactly the same".

Sighs "My older brother Daniel is 18 and is probably not a senior when we watch this but he is right now so... yeah".

Maybe I should stop... No you have to keep going "Me and my younger brothers look up to Daniel".

Looks at the camera with an annoyed look "Yes Devin and Dustin I know I'm only older by five minutes or ten minutes... Anyway".

Looks away from the camera "I look up to him more than they do.. Maybe because he's so different then everyone in our family by looks and act different in everyone else", I blush.

Hmm "Destiny... Our three years old sister is adorable" smiles and giggles slightly.

Ok done "bye" I call Destiny in and sits down and listens to music as she sits next to me.

Destiny's pov.

I smile at the camera thingy "HAI! I DESTINY CARTER! My broders Devy and Dusty calls me Desti!"

I look at my sister as she laid down and giggles looking back at the camera "I gots brown hair and bright blue eyes like me mommy... I love my mommy and wit her a lot!"

"Devy and Dusty are really nice to me... I three... Bai bai" I smile and let Dani know I was leaving and she turns off the camera.

"Destiny take this to Daniel" I nod and walk to his room and gives him the camera. I then run off find me mommy.

Daniel's pov.

I chuckled to myself as Destiny runs out of the room probably to find her mom. I set up the camera and glares at it.... "Let's cut to the chase... I'm Daniel Hale.... That's it Hale I'm not related to them and I'll explain why I'm not a few... I'm eighteen" If you didn't notice but I didn't want to do this.

I forgot why we are doing this, I sigh "I have blonde hair and green-blue eyes".

Maybe I do have anger issues like Dani says... Nah "I have rock hard abs and biceps but I wear clothes that makes it hard to tell so girls won't bother me" I only need my mate to bother me. I smile at the thought.

"The truth is that I'm their mother friend's son, my mother died when I was four and my father when I was three" I was getting annoyed by all the noises that I could hear.

"I was always around so their parents took me in when my mom died... I have another secret that no one knew" damn I'm lucky we're going to look at these together in the end of the year... I should have my mate by then.

I stopped glaring at the screen and lets my emotions take over "I'm a werewolf and I have a mate but if I'm not with her now then here's my confession... Ella you're my mate and I love you with all my heart...". I turn off the camera and leave my room. I go to Daniella's room and hands her the camera.

"Here ya go Ella" she smiles a beautiful smile that instantly makes me smile and she takes out the tape putting the camera on her bed. We take the tape, put it in a box, and goes outside to bury it.

"There we go!" She says, she looks so cute when we washed our hands and grabbed our things and head out to school.

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