Lost Orphan

This is a story of two sisters who's parents have been murder and have finally been adopted by the murders?


1. Chapter 1: How it all began


       Hello my name is Lily Ann and I have a little sister named Annie, I’m 10 she is 4, And 1 year from today  is the day when I figured out that my parents have been murdered and today is the day where I stop  crying and I start to figure out who killed my parents. My little sister is confused on Why are you always crying, or why don't we ever see mom and dad anymore? You now it is hard to answer with I don't know Or they moved away. I had lots of friends but then I became depressed and I didn't talk anyone not even Annie for 3 month until she got me motivated on why I should stop crying I know right a 4 year old help a 10 year old to stop crying but every once in awhile Annie started to  too. So today is adoption day here and i'm kinda nervous I have made it official if you want to adopt me or Annie  you will have to adopt the both of us. “hello I see your sign guys” A mysterious voice came from behind us Hello my name is Lily ann and this is my younger sister Annie, My name is Katherine Brown I know you do not know much about me May I adopt you two? Those were the amazing words that came out of her mouth, YES!! Annie screamed out the whole orphanage stared at us. Please return to what you are doing, Annie you can’t just say yes to someone we haven’t interviewed her I said, We haven’t been asked in a 1 whole year Lily I don’t think we have to interview this time. I stared into her eyes I guess I said let me pack our stuff, What are all those pictures Lily Ann? Katherine asked They are pictures of my mom and dad before they have passed. How did they die? Kathrine asked again but with her face turned away. I stared at her funny and said they have got murdered did you happen to know them? I asked No of course not dear she said in a panic we must get going I want you guys to see your new bedrooms. I was confused on why as of when I asked that question there were a lot of things circling in my head maybe she did know them or could I be paranoid but Annie looked happy so I  guess I can trust them but there are a lot of things going on in my brain right now.   

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