This is for my poetry and other poems I like. They might be short or they might be long, they might rhyme and might not


35. The White room

Hey guys, I hadn't updated in a while, so I thought since I was reading over some of my sisters poems, I thought I should put this in here. This is white room


They treat me like a killer

And act like I'm just a filler

A filler to their collection

One rare specimen

And they keep me in a room

And they keep me in a wrap

Wrapped in a white vine

I have 4 white walls

And nothing to occupy my time


They ask for my story

I ask why they care

And I shine a grin

Oh what a toothy grin

And leave them wonderin

Why my hands were all red

Before they leave me to bed


The lights start to flicker

And the tapping of the walls

I can't sleep

I hover over the pillow

But won't let my head fall

If I do it might roll off

Cause they say I'm mad

All the best are

But they say I'm bad


“I didn't want to do bad

But I had to

I needed the way out

As the answer came over me like a typhoon

And soon

He called to me

Do this and you’ll be free


No they didn't go away

The mans we're here to stay

And here I lay

They won't leave

Unless I play

And kill today


The mens let me loose

“Go out and find victims of twos”

I wandered into the night

And the flickering light

It hung over me

Like the sun at bright


Oh then the tapping

Its like its rapping

The rapping and tapping inside my head

As I lay there in bed

With the flickering and tickering of my inner clock

And the noises mock

And tick and tock inside my head


Then meds are fed to my head cause I can't sleep

But in my body its deep

And I know it hard to grasp

That my body is built this tough

The meds have no effect anymore

But then again I feel its rough

That anything could go through me

And not try to flee

The moment it feels my thoughts

And starts to rot

The rotting thoughts that fill my head

That won't let me think


Then the mens raspy voices

Along with the noises

The noises inside my head

Control my thoughts

As if they were taught

Not to let me think free

Taught that they control me


I try to wake

And end this dream

So the beam of my thoughts could be mine

And I sit here and wait

And hope with time

Maybe this will fade

Fade from my mind

So maybe I can find

That I'm not bad


My head burns and I start to scream

To free the way my thoughts beam

And run from the mens

As my thoughts mend

So from them I can fend

The monsters inside

And then I will find

I can rebuild the wall

So that it will not fall

And hold the demons in


I hop to my feet

All I want is to leave

But they have me chained

And this is no time to grieve

I've done away with the most

A little more and I'm gone

But the doors got a lock

And too soon do they come


Then I see then mens

And I know they are real

Their close enough for me to feel

Close enough for my hands to reach

And wrap around their necks

So they can leave me

And I can be free


“Can you hear me”

I begin to scream

“I can't do this anymore

What is the reason I’m killing for

These people were alive

Were they ready to die?

I feel that was not alright

I know that i'm not good

And it's enough that I've had

Of them thinking that I'm bad”


They say I was bad from the start

And my head starts to spin

I want to win

But I can’t even begin

My hands are tied

No wonder I always believed their lies

And I begin to rise

“Will you ever leave

So I can finally have relief

And maybe I’ll start to believe

I’m not as bad as you say

I want to wake up and look sain

But all my acts seem to be in vain

Only cause you're messing with my head

And these meds won't put me to bed


I scream in terror

Like all I am is an error

I want to blame the doctors

Cause they seem like proctors of my life

But left me to die

Scared in fright

By the mens that rule my life


Monsters are as monsters be

They dwell in the dark

They feed off me

And most say

Don't fall asleep

But when I am

There nicer to me

For I yawn

And my thoughts no longer weep


The mens say goodbyes

And I close my eyes

As I lay in bed

The walls they fall

Inside my head

My thoughts they seep

They rot

They weep

And at days lights peek

I fall asleep

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