This is for my poetry and other poems I like. They might be short or they might be long, they might rhyme and might not


32. Bloody Wrists

Bloody Wrists

By: Unknown


I'm sitting on the floor

I'm crying so much more

trying to erase this pain

trying to forget your face

sitting here with the blade in my hand

running so slow blood dripping down

in a deep red color

flowing freely the way i want to feel


I'm sitting on the floor

holding my hand out

I'm holding a bottle

a bottle filled with pills

I'm crying so hard

the pain is unbearable

I'm feeling so weak


I'm sitting here on this floor

holding a blade

crying like crazy

trying to take this pain away

I'm trying my best trying to fight

my eyelids feel heavy

my door is so far

the whispered yells to far

falling deep in to sleep



I'm laying on a bed

I'm so confused

where am I?

my throat feels sore

my body screams in pain

I'm looking around

I'm in a small white room


I try to move,

my hands are stuck

I try to get up

I feel restraints

what happened to me?


I'm laying on a bed

trying to get up

my head hurts

a nurse is here

a shot is administered

i drift to sleep

I'm in the psych ward

why am i here?


I'm lying on a bed

laying so still

my wrists hurts to no end

I'm crying out loud

screaming and cussing

my body hurts

I can't remember


all I remember are my bloody wrists

and a bottle of pills

all I remember is the pain I was in.....

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