Saving Whats Broken

Everybody's broken.
We all have someone to fix us.
For him, it was me.
For me, it was him.
© goes to CrashingCars &Oovverrated (of Wattpadd)


2. "Having Fun There Princess?"-1

My eyes wandered as I was doing my job at the library.

I hated this job, I loved being surrounded by books, but the boss of the library is a COMPLETE stick in the ass.

'Anna your late!'

'Anna you can't direct 15 year olds to horror books that will make them cry!'

'You can't tell people the wrong information just because you hate them!'

It goes on, and on, and on with her.

'Anna you cant!!!'

God that's all I hear.

I was smiling because why not be the nice teenager at a library just waiting to get home!

I'm not a nice teenager, quit frankly I'm a bitch but I like to give off good first impressions.

I tied my dirty blonde hair in a bun, I was to lazy to put in my contacts this morning so I wore my purple rimmed nerd glasses. Although I didn't think they where nerdy at all, in fact they were fucking fantastic!

I looked around and saw nobody in the library and I spun around in the chair really fast.

"Having fun there, princess?" I immediately groaned knowing it was Travis. He seemed to make it his mission in life to annoy me, I didn't mind though. Witty banter was like a second language to me.

"Lots." I said nodding my head. Although, I wasn't really.

"What is Mr. All-Bulk-No-Brain, doing in a library?" I said narrowing my eyes, I did this just to annoy him. It was fun when he got all mad.

"Oh, I came to see the lovely Mrs. Bitch on this fine day." He said with a award winning smile.

I faked having a proud emotion even wiping the non-existent tear in my eye.

"Oh, my lovely Travis, I didn't know you loved me so much." I said, trying to withstand smiling.

He looked unamused.

"Seriously though, I need your help finding a book for my history paper. Don't send me to some 'how voo-doo works' book like you did last time. I got a C on my paper because of you." He said pointing his finger at me. I faked being hurt.

"Who, me? I would never!" I said slamming my fist on the table.

He rolled his eyes. For a split second I thought about how hot he was, I mean his looks were undeniably good! Even I could admit that and I hate the guy. The way his light brown hair was just so effortless, and the way his green eyes shown, he could have any girl he wanted with just a wink.

"Well past you did and future you won't." He said with a smirk.

"What makes you so sure, Travey-boy?" I said with a menacing smile.

"Travey-boy? When did that happen?" He said with a weird look on his face.

"Well you call me princess, I call you Travey-boy or I could call you asshole. Whichever you prefer." I said shrugging.

He rolled his eyes, "just come help me, princess." He said.

"Well, if you put out THAT way of course I'll help you!" I said, the sarcasm so strong it could slap you in the face.

"Good, because I'm not asking you again." He said it with that damn smirk.

This time, it was my turn to roll my eyes.

"Of course your highness! Anything you ask. Is there anything else?" I said looking at him.

"Well I haven't been laid in awhile-"


"Kidding, kidding. Anyway I need help finding that book on Napel- napol- god I can't pronounce his name!" He groaned.

"Napoléon Bonaparte?" I said raising my eyebrows at him.

"YES HIM!" He said with his hands I the hair.

I got up and directed him towards the section where he could find all the stuff he needed to know about Napoléon Bonaparte.

"Thank you, princess." He said wrapping his arms around me, he was acting like I just gave him 500 pounds of candy c

"No problem, sweet cheeks!" I said laughing.

"Sweet cheeks? Again weird nick names, Anna." He said shaking his head.

"Hey, I'm sorry. Wait- did you actually use my real name!" Cue my fake gasp.

"Yeah, don't expect it to happen again, princess." He went to my counter so I could check out his book.

"All done, Hun." I said laughing at my own rhyme.

"Hun? This is the THIRD one, princess pick up your game." He laughed at me.

"At least this one rhymed." I said shrugging my shoulders.

My day went like normal after that, at this point all I wanted to do was roll around in my bed and watch way to many episodes of Criminal Minds that it wasn't considered normal.

Or maybe I could listen to Journey and queen, whichever I feel like when I get home.

When I got home, I saw the letter on the counter.


I can't make it because of an important business meeting. There's money next to this letter for money for pizza.



Of course he wasn't here? He was never here.

Mom left us when I was six and Drew- my better- was nine. If you could say the family was devastated, it would be an understatement. My mom was happy though, I never really had a problem forgiving her because, my dad did treat us awful.

Most of the time it was just me, Drew and mom. Even when dad was here, he wasn't here. I guess you could say, when mom left he just distanced himself from us even more.

Then the bullying started, apparently I was a loser because my mom didn't want me.

Crazy right? Me, a loser? Never!

But I didn't care for a while, then the words just got a lot more aggressive. Then, I started to hate my self. Harm myself even, I didn't know what I was doing. Dad was never there, I was thirteen, drew was fifteen and wrapped up in his world. He didn't notice cuts starting to appear, or me not eating as much food.

I was depressed.

Then one day, I decided it was hopeless.

It was hopeless to hurt myself, to cause myself more pain then I was already going through.

I was tired of giving myself pity, I was tired of the bullies.

So, I shut those mean kids who where just too self-conscious that they decided they wanted to pick on a sweet innocent girl.

I told them what I thought, they never ever talked to me again.

Of course I have friends, had, as well but friends come on go like seasons.

Felicity, my ethnically confused friend makes me laugh.

Grace, my dancer friend, who's just nice.

and then there's me.

Anna, the singer, and ice cold bitch.

Obviously, you can see who's best.

I guess you could include Travis on there.

Travis, my frenemy.

My two best friends keep telling me and Travis that were meant to be, but we just deny it as much as we can.

I shook my head from the thoughts that were over-whelming me and just went up to my room. Looking around for my CD player.

I always thought it was much cooler to listen to music like that then on your phone.

I got my favorite album out, 'Great Hits.'

Although, it wasn't really an ALBUM, album. It still had my favorite songs like faithfully, lovin, touchin, squeezin.

I pressed play, then settled myself on my bed, getting my favorite book, it was by Jodi Picoult, 'Handle With Care.'

I did love her book, 'The Pact.' Oh and you can't forget 'My Sisters Keeper.'

She was by far my favorite author. I'm so in love with her writing style, it just made me smile.

Okay, Anna enough rhyming today.

I read until I couldn't read anymore.


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