Kik (L.H)

A avenge girl and a popstar guy met on the phone as it called Kik and to get knowing each other.

Have this guy got a feeling on a girl?


1. Cast & Prologue.



Luke Hemmings as Himself aka LukeHemmings.

Kendall Jenner as Taylor Stewart aka TaySweetgirl.

Ashley Benson as Rachel Martin aka PrincessRach.

Emma Waston as Isabella Williams aka IWilliam.






As I was sitting on the seat nearby the window and it was raining outside.

I just was waiting for my two best friends who just became my new friend on Movellas and yes, they lived in different country aka California and Texas.

And we all are at different ages which are I'm younger one than them.

How did I know this?

You ask for it...


I got an app that is called Kik and everyone on Movellas had one.

You would find out about my name later...

Anyway, I got sad because I saw a stranger who is on Kik and talks to me.

So I ask my two best friends to come here as my country is London but I live in South London.

His name is LukeHemmings and that's all I know.

I got accept him to chat with me or not...

That why I ask them to come over here and tell them about him.

Until the bell ring.

That's about time!

I walk to the front door and open the front door.

Someone gives me a tight hug as I was confused and I take a look at the young lady who has long blonde hair.


With that, I look down on the dark but some light brown hairs.

"Isabella?" I call their real name.

They look so younger.

"We get it! We look like 16 or 18 but we're not... I'm 24 and Isabella is 21." That was Rachel explains.



I'm only 18 years old.

"Oh!" That's all I say.

I sigh sadly.

After Isabella lets me go for the hug, she stands next to Rachel and I was confused as I forget something. 

"Oh... I got a stranger who wants to chat with me and I don't know what to do with this." I explain.

"I say... Go for it?" Rachel says so dumbly.

I sigh annoyingly. 

I know Rachel is dumb as she made me so happy and I don't know why I say it but I love her.

"She's right! Just go for it. Maybe it likes you." Isabella says.

I sigh sadly.

I got to show them what is it!

"Here is it..." I show them as it was a boy.

It says 'Hey, girl! Are you Taylor Swift 'cause I just feeling this is right one. I'm Luke, by the way!'

With that, they look shocked and they look at me at the same times.

"Answer this!" They say in the union.

I was so speechless.


I was shocked because they want me to answers this to 'Luke' aka LukeHemmings.

"I don't know what to say..." I say.

"Just do it!" Isabella engorge me.


I look down on my phone and put my finger up in the air as I breathe in. 

I'm ready! 

When I'm ready to go in, my finger is going to put on my phone and accept his request as I sigh out. 

I was shocked.

"Now say something to him, Taylor..." Rachel orders

Me = "Hello... It's not me, Taylor Swift. But..." 

I paused my thought to look up at Isabella and show her what I say as she already looks at me with her annoying face. 

I don't know what to say.


Isabella grabs my phone away from my right hand and she changed my say something to 'Luke'...

"Done!" Isabella finished.

She shows me what she says.

It says "Hi, Luke. Taylor Swift isn't me but I'm sure you want to take a chat with me. - Your mysterious girl." 

I sigh happily. 

I'm not sure why does he want a normal girl like me? 

I press the send button to send the message to him and I waited.

I gotta to waiting for him to reply back, right?



Hey, guys!

Welcome to my 'Kik' Stories.


If you want me to stop to write because I copy your story, why you said so...

I don't want to see drama! 


Enjoy it!

- Melissa!

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