This book will be made by my boyfriend Zac , Hope you guys like it >////<


1. Chapter one

Jamie was outside in the front yard riding his bike up and down the sidewalk . I never let him go far , I could never . My husband Robert was Washing his car anyways so He had his eyes on him . ''Margret , No cable ? '' My sister asked Lifting the TV remote above her head and waving it side to side . ''No , Sorry sis '' . I looked back at the sink and continued washing the dishes , I took a look out the window and saw Robert looking around the yard ...Jamie wasn't with him , I looked back at My sister Katherine . I quickly dropped the plates and ran straight outside ''Robert ?! Where's Jamie ?! '' He kept shaking his head and shrugging at me ''I don't know !! I had my back turned for About ten minutes and Once I turned to smile at him he was gone !! '' ; ''He was gone ?! Robert what the Heck ! That's My baby ! This is a joke isn't it , You always do this '' He didn't say Anything , Instead he Just stared quietly at me , Katherine was Behind me comforting me . I started to shout his name but he wouldn't show , I know that I lost my Eight year old son , But I didn't want to know that , I wanted to Know he was just hiding and playing his little game of Hide and find Peter and the lost boys . 


-Slender man's point of view ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

''Child , Come to me ''  The young white boy walked slow and full of fear , The way his heart raced and The way he breathed showed me He Was terrified of me . Jeff and Masky Followed their Orders perfectly , Not even Getting A small glimpse of them was possible which is excellent . ''Where's My mommy ? ..'' He whined , I tilted My head to the side Stretching Out My tentacles out to him ''Mommy isn't coming back for You Jamie , You're safer with me now '' . He slowly Patted One of them , So I took a chance and wrapped it around him . He didn't do anything but just stare with a smile ''Are you gonna be My new Mommy ? '' I chuckled quietly Bringing him closer to my Face ''Oh Jamie , I'll be something better than you're Mommy '' He quickly wrapped his Tiny arms on my shoulder ''Promise My mommy and Daddy will Find me soon '' Masky and Jeff walked away Looking at each other disgustingly since they know What it's like to promise something with me . ''I promise Jamie , They'll Find you soon '' . 

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