You'd think that being the alphas daughter is all ' full moons and wolf pups' well it's not, atleast not for Alyiuss Black little sister to Blake Black. She is whipped, beaten , cut and alot more, but she thought she deserved it, she thought- like everyone else- that it was her fault the alpha and luna died passing the title onto her brother and with it the weight of the pack.
She knew that when she met her mate that he was gonna reject her, she expected no knight in shining armor, she accepted that and wasn't disappointed. her mate,


1. Chapter 1.

My Grandmother once told me- 'Love is the most destructive force in the universe.' She was rejected from her mate. The one that supposed to love and cherish her for all of eternity. Make her smile when she's sad,to laugh with her when somethings funny and help her up when she falls down- after laughing at her first. That's what she said and what i think- for now. Listen to my story, and find out that rejection must run in the family and skipped a generation. To Her.

One. Pain exploded on my back

Pain is all I get and it's what I deserve.

Two. Again he strikes.

I never meant to do it.

Three.And again .

It doesn't matter.

Four. No sound passes my mouth.

They loved me. 

Five.My face set in a grimace.

I have no more love.

Six. I have loved.

It's all my fault

Seven. It was a mistake.

Their right.

Eight.Pain slices through me.

I'm worthless.

Nine.And I have loved again.

No one will love me.

Ten. I will not make that mistake again.

Not even my mate.

I feel no more pain, their done. Not for long though. " GET UP BITCH!  YOUR NOT GONNA SLEEP RIGHT NOW!"

Oh god my back feels as if it's been drenched in wolf bane and silver was skidded across it. Oh wait thats exactly what is on the whip of theirs. Oh godess my throat is raspy and dry from no water. Tears stream down my face but i've been through worse alot worse. I utter no sound standing up. Life has ended already. Atleast for me it could be worse.

I get up to make breakfast, and dessert. And before anyone sees me i flashup into my room and get changed into black sweat pants and a baggy black hoodie covering my scars. I look around the tiny room- if you can call it that. I have a little futon and candles with a little bathroom cause- and i quote- " We don't want to see your fat ass in the morning it'd ruin our days!' With a slap of course. I opened my room and jump down my body numb, and without feeling I head to the clearing again to train myself with the blades and bow that i stole from the training room. I imagine an opponent across from me lunging at me and taking me to the floor I release  


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