5sos text messages

random FAKE 5sos text messages
credit goes to some people
but Ill write some too


1. Dirty Sexting ::Malum::

"That one time Malum try to sext"


Mikey: I'm horny......

Cal: Damn straight forward yeah?

Mikey: Please Calum

Cal: What do you  want me to do about it? I can't help it if your always horny

Mikey: I am always horny bc I think about you ;)

Mikey: We should sext

Cal: no

Mikey: please


Cal: Alright

Mikey: YAY!!! I love you bby!

Cal: yeah yeah. so what do I do?

Mikey: Just like... Sext, make it dirty I don't care.....

Cal: ok um here it goes.

Cal: you want me to be dirty baby. oh i can be dirty ;) I'll be dirty for you Mikey is that what you want.

Mikey: God yes please calum

Cal: Are you touching yourself?

Mikey: ugh yess

Cal: how naughty. That's so dirty of you. You want to know what else is dirty?

Mikey: please tell me calum ugh I'm so close

Cal: The dishes

Cal: They are so piled up in the kitchen sink and they are so dirty and disgusting.

Cal: Plus not to mention there is the fact that I went to go to the bathroom but oh look! Evidence of your nasty shit was still left behind

Cal: Flush the damn toilet you are so gross....

Mikey: I don't know what is worse....

Mikey: The fact that you just ruined this all for me or the fact that I sill came even after you said that.....

Cal: o.O

Cal: your so gross

Mikey: You're **

Cal: Bitch

Mikey: whatever I'm going to bed thanks for nothing gosh

Cal: you wanted dirty so I gave you dirty...

Cal: Goodnight my little burrito xx

Mikey: good night you dick xxx


 By: @radioactive-pizza

She is on wattpad if you would like to read more of her stories

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