Short Stories

Just a place to keep some short stories in I might go more in depth later.


1. Fire in her eyes. Story1.

"I am trying to be polite but if you move that knife another inch,I will tear you apart."She said as the man held the knife to the girls throat.There was fire in her eyes.One that was so hot it sent chills down his spine as she calmly looked at him.

The man hesitated but put the knife down making the girl smile evilly. She clapped her hands as though she was dusting them off. "Now how about some tea?"She said walking to the kitchen disappearing.

The man followed her hiding the knife behind his back.He noticed her back turned as she was looking for a cup.His hand flashed and soon the kitchen floor was stained red.


Cops pull into the drive and tape the area off as the girl walked out unharmed as tears fell down her face.She failed to bring him back.She killed him accidentally.

'A knife flashed down from her corner eye.Just a glint.It was enough for her to swing the pot upward knocking the knife from him but the hit to his head was fatal.Blood ran down his face as shock was in his eyes before falling lifelessly onto the floor.'

She didn't even bother checking for a pulse..


Two days later .With no sleep,no food.Just an occasional drink she sits there on her chair."Im a monster.."She kept repeating quietly.The phone begins to ring as she slowly raised it to her ear.


"He's alive and coming for you.So are we."Said a voice from the other line.

"Well i'm hear and waiting."She said calmly before hanging up.She grabbed some grapes from the fridge sharpening her knives watching the window as though it might burst under her gaze. "I waiting"She said whistling to herself as a grin escaped the corner of her mouth."And your coming".

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