It's Too Late

"He said I would never be more than a friend."

This book is about a girl named Emily who ends up falling for her friend Luke Roberts, but what happens when he has feelings for her even though he told her that she was nothing more than a friend? Read to find out!


1. background

hey guys so hope you like this book,this is just the background of the story. I will update a real chapter soon. I promise 


Hi my name is Emily Kate Wilson but my friends call me Em. I am a Junior in high school, I go to Marshall High school and live in Texas. Before you say anything no I don't live on a ranch or farm I live in a normal house. 

My 2 crazy best friends are Amy Garza and Alex Hernandez. Amy has been my friend since she moved in next door to me in the 4th grade. As for Alex he has been my friend since kinder.Alex lives on the other side of Amy's house. They both are loud and make me laugh. I have a Good friend named Luke Roberts. I have known him since 3rd grade when we had the same class. I have a crush on him witch isn't good!

There is this cute guy at school who everyone says likes me but i tell  them no because we are good friends. His name is Ryan, i have known him since freshman year.

I have an older brother named Eli Kenneth Wilson. He is 21 and goes to college out of state. My mother's name is Jen and my father's name is Nathaniel or Nate 


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