Demigods: Our Journey Begins

My name is Aurora, and my life is a living hell. I've been abused mentally and physically, been abandoned, and almost everything and one I loved is dead. Now I'm back here at the orphanage with my little nephew who I've sworn to protect. Things change when I wake up in the middle of the night full of monsters and demigods.......


1. Where My Reality Crashed and Burned.

" Ahhh!" A scream pierced my ear drums in the middle of the night.

Everyone was running around in all directions panicking.

I jumped out of my bed and began to ran towards the nursery.

I ran not thinking about what I had to face.

My confidence didn't last for long.

" What... What are you?!" I screamed.

Four limbs. Two giant arms. Two giant legs. About seven feet tall. One big eye.

A club was in " it's " right hand.

It studied me for a moment too long before I went around in not waiting for an answer or to be smashed.

Next thing you know it, I'm mixed in a group full of kids I don't even know with all types of weapons.

" What is all of this?!" I yelled as I pushed my way along.

I eventually made it to the nursery.

" Tony?!" I cried out," Tony?! Where are you?!"

I heard his squeal on the other side of the room in a cloud of smoke.

I dived in to find him in the arms of a woman.

" What do you think you're doing?!" I took Tony away from her.

" You don't understand!" She yelled at me," you don't understand what is happening, or what he...."

She froze, dead staring at me.

She.... She looked so familiar.

She had firery red, curly hair and the most prettiest green eyes you ever seen.

" Rachel?" Her name came out of my mouth.

" This can't be..." She shook her head," you're...."

That's when something hit Rachel.

She went flying and hit the brick wall of the nursery.

The beast that caused this damage stared directly at the baby in my hands.

" You... You can't have him..." I was terrified as I clutched onto Tony.

HIs soft blonde hair tickled my cheek. He began to cry once seeing the creature before him. His big silver eyes seemed glassed over reminding me of someone that I use to know.

The beast was bulky and tall. His hooves clamped forward causing a sound that echoed making me grimace. It's two sharp horns were stained with blood. It's cow snout had a knocker causing even that to look threating.

" You can't have him!" I screamed," he's all I have left! You're going to have to go through me first before getting Tony!"

He bent over and charged.

At the last second, I dodged it. He hit his head on the wall and got his horns stuck.

To my right, I see a boy who entered the room.

" Take him," I gave him Tony and grabbed a sword out of his hands.

When I turned around, the beast got itself free and was charging again.

" Ah!" I charged him head on, sword in hand.

" Stop!" Someone yelled," you're going to get yourself...."

I jumped when he was about a foot away. Once I was in the air, I grabbed onto his left horn and got a good foot hold on him( for some reason, it was sticky and wet). Then with my right hand, I jabbed the sword into his back.

It's scream made me put both of my hands to my ears and let go of him.

I landed on my back something sharp and jagged stabbing me in my right leg.

Slowly, I watched as it turned to yellow dust.

In the pile, there laid the sword which was picked up by the boy caring Tony.

He looked to be around the age of seventeen. He had curly black hair and soft milk chocolate eyes. His skin was a gorgeous tan.

" Be still," He told me.

I did what he said. His voice was so smoothing and confident.

He got on one knee still holding Tony and swiftly grabbed a dagger out of my leg.

" I must apologize," He frowned," one of my comrades probably dropped this during the battle."

The pain wasn't too bad. It was nothing compared to what my foster dad would do to me.

" I believe this is yours," He placed the bundle of joy in my arms.

Somehow, he seemed to be sound asleep.

" I gave him a little something to calm him down," He gave me a blinding smile.

That's when an image of a red head popped into view.

" She needs help!" I looked to where the woman who had Tony hit the wall.

The boy looked in that direction.

" Rachel!" He ran towards her.

From where I could laid, I could see where she hit her head. There laid a big indention.

Then I looked at where she placed her hand.

" Wait a minute," I looked at my left hand.

It was stained with dried blood. That wasn't my blood and the beast didn't bleed...

It must of stabbed with its horn.

I watched her as she whispered something her ear.

She then looked at me and smile. For a minute in that same spot, I could see Selena. Her curly brown hair covering her shoulders. Her silver eyes flashing her last light. Her caramel skin laying against my pale one. Her white dress stained red. That same smile.... And there I laid holding Selena in my arm as her hold on me went slack. There I saw something snap.

Suddenly, I was back in the orphanage. People surrounded all around me. They seemed to be mourning. When I looked at Rachel, I could see her body dangling in the boys grasps.

In some sense, I felt responsible. If I wasn't there, she could of got out of view and away from it but no. I made a still and steady target.

" I'm sorry," Tears slid down my cheeks," I'm so..."

That's when I felt a sharp blow to the head making everything go black.



" What do you think is her godly parent?" I heard a woman's voice.

" I can't really put my finger on it," It was the boy who held Rachel fight," but she can fight and strong. She can also handle pain. Didn't even wince when I took your dagger out her leg, and it was deep."

" I wonder where that thing when," She sounded sorry.

" It's ok Annabeth," He said," it was an accident."

Finally, I decided to open my eyes.

" Well, finally your awake!" A woman with blonde hair and grey eyes gave me a small smile.

" Where... am I?" I asked.

" You're at Camp Half Blood," A man with black hair and sea green eyes appeared behind the woman," it's where all demigods go."

" Demigods?" I was so confused," what's a demigod?"

" It basically means your half god half mortal," He told me.

" No," I shook my head," there's no such thing as gods, and if there was, I wouldn't be a demigod. There's nothing special running through these veins. All I am is an orphan..."

But some part in me that's been caged for a while left something loose. It squeezed through the bars, and now, it's there. A grand palace. Laughter. A garden. A girl.

I can't remember what she looked like, but I remember her being there.

I can see her lips moving, but I couldn't hear her voice.

That's when fire erupted around her, and she began melting. I was screaming, but I couldn't hear it.  The girl was laughing.

I looked down at my tiny hands. How old am I? Five? Six? This horrible pain running through my body. What is this?

" What am I?" I asked.

I was looking into my hands. Am I back? Is this reality?

When I looked up instead of a bed, I was in what looked like an attic. It was Rachel.

" But I.. I thought you died..." I was shocked.

" You're our last hope Aurora," Her voice sounded like it was being carried by the wind," save them. Save them all."

She began to fade. But before she could completely go away, the image started to come back. It wasn't Rachel this time though. It was...

" Selena!" I screamed.

I tried to run to her, but I was planted to the ground. She was moving her mouth, but nothing was coming out. She then started screaming. I wish I could read lips so bad. It would be so useful in this whole damn situation!

Then finally a name came to my ears.


And with that, a smile came upon her perfect face, and just like that, she began fading like Rachel did.

" No!" I could move now," I can't lose you again. Please stay! Stay with me and Tony!"

I was running towards her as fast as I could.

She mouthed protect him and disappeared.

In the spot where she was standing, there laid a camera. My camera. How could this be possible? I buried this with... That doesn't matter now. It's here now in my palm one hundred percent working and charged.

If communicating with the dead is possible, then could being a demigod be possible?

" Check the attic!" I heard someone say downstairs," she has to be somewhere!"

That's when a rectangle light appeared on the ground beside me. Then someone's head popped up. It was Mr. Brown eyes.

" Say cheese," I took his picture with the flash on.

" Ah!" He shielded his eyes letting go of the stairs and fell with a thump.

" Are you ok?!" I called down to him.

" Yea..." He groaned," I hit my head, but I'll let one of the kids of Apollo check it out later."

Checkpoint: Where my reality crashed and burned.

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