Junjou Romantica

I was just getting home from school, I knew my brother was gong to be mad about this "D" but what else was i supposed to do? When I got home I opened the door. "I'm ho-."


3. Birthday party

Chapter 3......          (Next day)

        It's finally here, time to see what I have. I slowly unfolded the white paper with black print that showed my grade I had a B. Not a D but a B. I yelled out yes and smiled. 'I can't wait to tell him!' I thought and rushed down the side walk, I soon stopped and rested my hand on a plastic panda on the side walk where the newspapers were. "I can't wait to tell him? What's wrong with me? I don't like Usagi!" I yelled out loud. "What are you doing?" a familiar  voice said behind me, I turned around to see him. "Umm, n-nothing." I looked down and see a cake in a bag that he was holding. "What's the special occasion?" "It's Takashi's birthday." I looked surprised. How could I forget? He sensed what I was thinking and looked at me, "You forgot didn't you?" "huh? no, no I didn't, anyways, look." I handed him my report card and looked to the side. He grabbed it and looked at it. He smiled and rubbed my head, "Good job." He said. A blush fell across my face and walked with him to my brother's house.

I still had a key to the house and walked inside. Lucky for us my brother wasn't home yet. And on the way here we got some things for the decorations and started right away. When I heard some keys I said, "He's coming, he's coming!" I turned off the light in the kitchen and hid by the kitchen door. When my brother turned on the light we both said, "Happy Birthday!" He blinked and than smiled, "Thanks you two." Usagi smiled and reached in his pocket taking out a well wrapped small box, "I got you something." He said and gave it to him. He smiled and grabbed the box from out his hands and unwrapped it opening it up. "This is-" "The watch you wanted." Usagi said cutting him off. "But it was really expensive." He said and looked at him. "It doesn't matter, you can except something extravagant from time to time." I looked over changing the subject, "I'll go make sure you locked the door." I slightly sighed and walked out the kitchen to see a girl by the door, Takashi's girlfriend.

Takashi came out with Usagi  clinging on to him like a little kid,"Come on know, let go." He said in his cheery voice. He got out of Usagi's grip and than walked over to his girlfriend and wrapped his arm around her shoulders. "We're getting married." Usagi's eyes widen for second and went back to normal. He put on a smile and walked up to them, "You finally did it." He said to Takashi and smiled. "She's beautiful too." I could hear the hurt in his voice even though he tried so hard to be happy. I looked down and clutched my hands tightly together and hit the wall with a loud though slightly denting it. Everyone looked surprised and turned my way. "We ran out of alcohol." I walked up to Usagi and grabbed his hand walking to the door. "Come with me." I said and opened the door walking out. When we got away from the house I felt my eyes start to sting and I began to cry. "Why are you crying?" Usagi said watching me. "Because, that was just to cruel." I wiped my eyes but they kept coming. Usagi slightly frowned and than held my cheeks and kissed me again. I was surprised I didn't push away and than he pulled away with a small but gentle smile. "You stopped." He said relating to the fact that I stopped crying. "If you want to cry you can." I said and looked at him, "What do a kid like you think you are telling me I can cry." He said with a small smiled and pulled me into a little hug. "I never let someone see me cry ever since I was a baby." He said off. "I'll be damned." I stayed silent and wrapped my arms around him and rested my hand on his hair.

(A couple of months later....)

I fixed my hair and pat my cheeks and stared at myself in the mirror. "Perfect!~" I said and walked out the bathroom and buttoned up my shirt. "Where's my sweater?" I asked looked on the couch. I have to live with Usagi now than my brother and his new wife got married. Usagi walked from behind the counter with his coffee mug and looked at me sitting the coffee cup on the coffee table, "Your missing a button." He said and walked up behind me and pulled me on his lap and unbuttoned my shirt. I blushed darkly, "W-what are you do!?" I asked struggling. "Re-buttoning your shirt." He said and smiled. "I can do it, I'm going to be late~." "Don't worry my sports car would be there in 15
mins." He smiled and pecked my cheek.
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