Junjou Romantica

I was just getting home from school, I knew my brother was gong to be mad about this "D" but what else was i supposed to do? When I got home I opened the door. "I'm ho-."


1. How I met him... (Usagi and Koshikawa)

Chapter 1...

           I was just getting home from school I knew my brother was going to mad about the grade I have, I got a 'D' but what else was I supposed to do? When I got home I opened the door. "I'm ho-." I can't believe what I saw some random dude on my brother! I dropped my bag and seen him make a small smirk. I slightly growled like a little puppy and glared and he made a small laugh and stood straight up off my brother. "So this is her?" My brother stood up and fixed his glasses "Yup, Koshikawa my sister!" A smile fell across his face and that's how I met him.

Today I have to have him tutor me, I felt a weird vibe when I entered his house like he was gonna jump out any minute. "Hello?" I called out but all I heard was my hello echoing back at me, I just figured he was gone or sleep so I sort' of read some of his books. At fist I just thought it was a normal book but I suddenly felt weird and threw the book down and couldn't believe what I read. I got up and stormed  up stairs looking through each door to find him and finally fount him and stepped inside his room. As I looked around his room I giggled softly, what kind of  man has toys in his room? I remembered what I came up here for and walked over to his bed and put my hand on my hips as I kicked his bed mattress and opened my mouth to say a few words. "Excuse me sir!!! I have to spe-." A soft hand covered my mouth as I talked against the hand. He sat up with such an ugly mean glare I thought he was going to attack. I removed his hand and glared back, I wasn't going to give in that easily. "What is with that book!?" I growled.

        He looked at me his expression never changing. "You saw?" I nodded and stared at him waiting to see what he was going to do. He sat up and ran a hand through his hair and sighed, "I see..." I was confused, he didn't yell at me or attack me saying, 'If you tell anyone, I will kill you!' Instead he sat there quiet like he was in a deep thought I really thought he would have said something. I sighed and looked down at him and took my hands off my hips. " I won't tell my brother..." He looked at me and turned away after a second grabbing a box of cigarettes off of his dresser and put one in his mouth. He than grabbed a lighter and lit it. "But why does it have to be my brother!?" I continued after awhile of silence. "Can't it be anyone else, he has nothing to do with it, you know that right?" He looked at me and tossed the covers that was on him to the side and stood up taking the cigarette out his mouth and placing it down on a ash tray. My face was about to his chest so of course I had to look up to see his mean ugly glare.

"Has nothing to do with it you say?, can be anyone?" He said and looked down at me with a grin as evil looking as the Cheshire cat's. "Do you hear what your saying? Maybe he don't but what's it to ya?" He grabbed my arm. "can be anyone you say, right?" He grabbed the bottom of my chin and held it in his hand and lifted it up slightly. "Than I'll grant that wish." He leaned his face down and pressed his lips on mine.  Getting out his grip was harder than it seems. I can hear the inside of my head screaming stop! But  of course he couldn't hear it than finally a thought came in my head, 'Bite his lip.' it says and I did what my head told me and bit down on his bottom lip and he pulled back. I wiped my mouth and breathed heavily. "What are you doing!? I yelled and yanked my arm from his grip and frowned. I place my hand on my arm with a faint blush from when he kissed me and stayed silent waiting for him to reply. "You did say, can't it be anyone else, didn't you?" I looked at him and gripped on the end of my sleeves. "Yea! But I didn't mean me!."

He sighed and turned to walk out his room, "What ever." He walked out and down the stairs and into his living room. He sat down on the couch where his bear was sitting and he pulled it towards him and grabbed another cigarette from a box on the coffee table and lit it up.  I stayed in the room for awhile and than followed him down the stairs and sat on the couch across from his. He looked up at me and took the cigarette from out his mouth, "So what brings you here?" I looked back at him and crossed my arms over my chest, "To have you tutor me.", "Oh yea." He said remembering when my brother called and asked. I looked at him and slightly leaned forward. "So does he know?" I asked curious to know. "About what?" He asked putting the cigarette back in his mouth and than took it out to blow out some smoke. "You know." I said and fiddled with my thumbs. 
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