Backstory… There was a girl who died from love, anyone who hears the rumor will be haunted from life until DEATH. There was a rumor that from this very day she still continues on…


1. the boy and the girl

There was this one boy who walked in school who knew the rumor and told everyone (the rumor itself is helps the ghost gather information about their victim and hears everything they say or do) the rumor heard about some depressed girls that were going through the same thing she did. That night when the girl heard the rumor she started having nightmares that were worst than DEATH, till the next day she was EXTREMELY paranoid and hallucinated unnaturally, she started to lose friends and became suicidal. she had the lowest reputation in school, she started to twitch and talk as if somebody is talking to her, she sometimes whispers to her self help, why you, is this hell. the teachers started worry about her actions and what she did then they sent multiple emails to her mom and dad to see if there is anything going on, the mom didn't know she was doing all of that. when the girl went home the mom was crying saying are you ok? as soon as she heard that, she just said yes i'm fine. she walked upstairs and did homework. that night she left a note in the house and ran away into the woods with nothing. in the morning the mom was TERRIFIED and called the police. the police searched everywhere for 4 days. the girl was 12 years old. her mom whispered in her ear ( i can never live without you) that was at age 4. 3 weeks later she was pronounced DEAD. anyone who knew her had chronic uneasiness.

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