The Blonde Girl

it is a poem about a boy trying to work up the courage to ask out a pretty girl. it is based on my own experiences with girls


1. the blonde girl

i watch her walking down the halls

i glance at her in my class

i admire her features from afar

and though i keep a distance

i would love to see her dance for me 

as long as i’m not paying

she always seems to be so flawless

and i’m beyond saying

the correct words to describe 

her voice whenever she sings

like an proud angel signaling

the arrival of gentle spring

as if Mariah Carey 

lent this her voice for a day

then allowed her to keep that voice

because it sounded better that way

i will confess my weakness for blonde hair

hers were strings of gold

her skin was smooth like Michelangelo’s marble

her green eyes bright like emeralds

she was the lovely treasure

that all the pirate boys were chasing

and every time i saw her

my hormones would start misbehaving

but i could never act on it

i was always in such fear

that she’d take one good look at me

and order me to disappear

how could i approach her

and look her in the face

what would i even say to her

i’d be so out of place

then i tell myself to calm down

and slow my heart’s quick pace

and i ask myself, reasonably,

just what could take place?

i could walk right up to her

and introduce myself

give her a few compliments

then tell her how i felt

about her all this time

i could ask her for her care

really, what could happen

that was getting me so scared?

well, she could stare at me rather awkwardly 

then laugh in my face

deride me for my imperfections

call me a disgrace

then her friends with laugh with her

and outnumber me like wolves

and proceed to verbally punish me 

for ever daring to be bold

then the other kids will laugh

the other kids will sneer

every finger pointed my way

the moment would be queered

then the teachers would start laughing

and everyone would know

the school can’t hold the laughter

and the whole place would EXPLODE!

so i must keep my distance

i cannot let her see

i cannot let her know how much

i want her company

i’m watching her in the halls

my hormones running free

i wake up from my daydreams and...


my brain stops in its tracks

my heart beats more and more

my knees are weak, my hands tremble so much

that they get sore

now she’s waking towards me

and i don’t have a clue 

on how i should react 

what am i gonna do?!

she smiles in my direction

now i get “excited"

i try hard to restrain my hormones

oh please Lord help me fight it

she’s coming closer

she’s coming closer

she’s coming closer


and... she walks right past me

that’s when i turn around

and i see a sight 

that really gives me such a frown

she’s embracing an impressive bloke

with hair, golden like hers

they smile at each other with such wide smiles

and then it gets worse

they start to lock their lips together

for five minutes i believe

she’s “Baby" and he’s “Sugar Bear"

i think i just might heave

finally they walk away

i lost my chance it seems

no matter, he can have her now

but i’ll see her in my dreams!







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